It's part of a lawsuit over topless photos of Kate.
In today's edition of women being pitted against one another: A team of French lawyers is arguing that because Meghan Markle once posed for "provocative" photos, it's a-okay for paparazzi to secretly photograph Kate Middleton sunbathing topless,
Free the nipple, TBH.
Kendall Jenner is walking in the illustrious and often-naked footsteps of Kim Kardashian before her. The supermodel hit up her Instagram Stories to post a NSFW photo of herself topless, with just some ice cream emojis covering her nipples. Said ice
Naturally, the Internet is divided over this.
Those who follow Kim Kardashian on social media know that she has not been shy about posting topless and nearly nude photos on Instagram. It hasn't been that long since Kim's epic Paper magazine cover. Still, one does
TBH, we could've made this last an hour.
From Nam Joo Hyuk's lean swimmer body in Weightlifting Fairy to Park Seo Joon's bulked up muscles in Fight For My Way, here are all the ~*glorious*~ topless moments from our fave K-dramas!VIDEO: Jana Jodloman and Trina Elefante
Say annyeong to these sexy shirtless oppas!
If you've been following, you probably know that shirtless men have a dear place in our hearts. Epic bachelor bashes and Insta-stalked men aside, we love those random nekkid TV moments we totally didn't see coming. Remember
They're breaking the internet, one nude photo at a time.
Kim Kardashian West is back with her internet-breaking ways after she posted another controversial selfie, this time with model-actress Emily Ratajkowski featuring their half-naked bodies.The photo which was posted on Kim's Instagram account showed the pair posing
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