Flirty and pretty at the same time.
The thing with ruffles is you either love 'em or hate 'em. But if your OOTDs are dying for a bit of thrill, then these pretty frills should do just the trick. From tops, skirts, trousers, and even shoes see the feminine
Brb, buying one now.
This perfect-for-summer top has been making the rounds for its Insta-style and here's why: It has a sweet Bardot neckline, it's absolutely flattering, and it comes in a series of styles and colors-how can we
There's nothing subtle about these.
Over-the-top sleeves are our current bet for making a statement! Whether tucked into cropped trousers and paired with low-heeled pumps, or worn with ripped jeans and white sneakers, these styles below are hardly for the faint of heart.Embroidered
Let your tee do the talking.
If the street style scene at the Spring/Summer 2017 shows was any indication, logo and slogan t-shirts are making a comeback. Paired with everything from high-waist Mom jeans to pleated midi skirts, these tees work for any occasion-but
You know, for all the eating you'll be doing.
The highlight of any Filipino celebration? Food-LOTS of it. But unless you plan to show up at your family reunion in a baggy old t-shirt and elastic-waist shorts (nothing wrong with that, but you'll probably want to dress
Your official reminder to add them to your closet.
Coincidences don't really exist in fashion. When you see that many people wearing a particular look or item, that's really less about the fates aligning and more about a trend brewing in the horizon. As of late, that one item
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