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It's time to refresh your wardrobe!
The best thing about summer is we get to upgrade our wardrobes with colorful stuff to match the sunny season. But of course, along with fun fashion finds should be items that stand the test of time. Below, we culled pieces that
It's not the only color you can wear on the Day of Hearts.
Dressing up for Valentine's Day doesn't need to call for the color red; some may find it cheesy or too obvious. But if you're aiming to still look ~*in love*~ on February 14, check out these
Nobody wants a boring gift.
Fashion gifts are a no-fail way to make your girl friends kilig. Here, a roundup of stylish gift suggestions for the women on your list:Here's an eco-friendly way to support your friend's ~wise~ shopping habits: reusable totes
Why is the high-fashion life so hard?
Alright, here's the deal: Bell-sleeves can be really pretty. I wore a top with them the other week that got me tons of compliments-that felt nice! But with the style so prevalent nowadays-like, you really can'
It's your next summer uniform.
For the past two summers, off-the-shoulder tops were the mainstays of our OOTDs. But for 2018, a newcomer has emerged: Puff sleeve tops! The cloud-like sleeves give your look a boho touch and provide breathable room to your arms (
Flirty and pretty at the same time.
The thing with ruffles is you either love 'em or hate 'em. But if your OOTDs are dying for a bit of thrill, then these pretty frills should do just the trick. From tops, skirts, trousers, and even shoes see the feminine
Brb, buying one now.
This perfect-for-summer top has been making the rounds for its Insta-style and here's why: It has a sweet Bardot neckline, it's absolutely flattering, and it comes in a series of styles and colors-how can we
There's nothing subtle about these.
Over-the-top sleeves are our current bet for making a statement! Whether tucked into cropped trousers and paired with low-heeled pumps, or worn with ripped jeans and white sneakers, these styles below are hardly for the faint of heart.Embroidered
Let your tee do the talking.
If the street style scene at the Spring/Summer 2017 shows was any indication, logo and slogan t-shirts are making a comeback. Paired with everything from high-waist Mom jeans to pleated midi skirts, these tees work for any occasion-but
You know, for all the eating you'll be doing.
The highlight of any Filipino celebration? Food-LOTS of it. But unless you plan to show up at your family reunion in a baggy old t-shirt and elastic-waist shorts (nothing wrong with that, but you'll probably want to dress
Your official reminder to add them to your closet.
Coincidences don't really exist in fashion. When you see that many people wearing a particular look or item, that's really less about the fates aligning and more about a trend brewing in the horizon. As of late, that one item
Presko lang!
You know the feeling that all you really wanna do in lyf is to fling yourself into an ice cube-filled pool? Or lock up in a room with the AC on full blast while you suck on popsicles until your brain
You'll want each and every one of our picks, actually.
Still on an off-shoulder high? We don't blame you-they're so perfect for the warm weather we're getting! Whether you're packing yours to take to the beach or wearing it for a date with your guy, here
How much are you willing to bare?
We've long had a fascination with strappy, braided sandals, so it makes sense that we're just as smitten with lace-up tops. Featuring a neckline that's super perfect for summer, these blouses lace up (or down) your chest to
Let our favorite celebrity style pegs show you how!
Instagram/erichggThere's no doubt about it-shoulders are the It body part to flaunt this summer! But while your immediate response would be to throw on a cute off-shoulder or Bardot blouse, we want you to consider a slightly different
Options are everything!
1. The Plain White Tee Every girl's best friend on DGAF days! You can't get any more versatile than this. T-shirt, P299.75, Bench 2. The Girly Blouse It's kind of ridiculous how quickly a look can go
Slip on one of these flattering options to conceal that <i>puson</i>!
Now that summer's over, it's perfectly normal to slack off in the workout front-it's not like you'll be in bikinis and crop tops 24/7 anyway! But even if you've been neglecting your crunches and sit-
The Fun Fearless Female 2010 Awardee rocks animal prints for the anniversary issue of Cosmo.
Bored with your look? Add a little sparkle to your wardrobe this season by looking stylish in show-stopping sequins.
Don't know what to wear to your date this weekend? Here are some outfits we think he might like.