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Did you know that she trained as a swimmer for almost a decade?
Like many of you, I finished the entire season of Cursed in one sitting. Already a hit, Cursed is a reimagining of the legend of King Arthur-but in this story, the hero is a woman. Katherine Langford plays a Fey (or
The whole movie is just Charlize kicking ass.
I have watched Netflix's The Old Guard a total of four times-and that's with a full-time job and eight hours of sleep. I'm even considering having it play in the background just so I
It looks super intense!
It's been a few months since Jane De Leon was announced to be the newest actress to play Darna, and she recently showed on Instagram that she's already hard at work preparing for the role.Yesterday, November 17,
Matteo Guidicelli just made Philippine history as the first celebrity and civilian to complete Army Scout Ranger training. About a month ago, he even posted a selfie sporting a shaved head and a Scout Ranger t-shirt before undergoing the 30-day
Guys, her MMA sessions were INTENSE!
On April 10, 2019, we spotted previously unseen photos and videos of Liza Soberano from her training sessions in preparation for the Darna remake. These were posted on Facebook by Erwin Tagle, an award-winning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and Liza&#
Even if you're juggling 1,395 things at once.
Sometimes, the hardest thing about exercising isn't the act itself. Sometimes it's the space it takes up in your schedule, and the space it takes up in your brain. The things that must be considered before you make
Cross the finish line with least amount of effort.
Whether you've already tackled a 5K or you're hoping to cover 6.2-miles with little race experience, you won't have to work too hard to cross the finish line with this lazy girl's 10K training plan.The
She's on her way to being the next Miss Universe–for a role!
We're sure Liza Soberano has been endlessly told to join beauty pageants, and although she hasn't expressed serious plans to join one soon, she got to experience it IRL for a TV role.Liza's latest project is to play
She's getting ready to take flight!
Rumors have been swirling about the casting of the newest Darna for the past months. And one name has stood out among the slew of Pinay actresses in the running for the iconic role: Liza Soberano.According to Ricky Lo of The
It's definitely double the hotness!
With Raymond Gutierrez's new fit body and healthy lifestyle, he's found a new way to bond with his identical twin Richard Gutierrez. The bros just made our Insta-stalking twice as nice by seeing them train together under Mond's
Zac Efron has been busy shooting his newest shirtless flick, The Neighbors 2, where he's reprising his role as super hot college boy toy Teddy. The actor took to Twitter to share how he's getting back his rock hard abs
From sports accessories to <i>kikay</i> cosmetics, find out what this champion triathlete brings with her on a daily basis.
Ani de Leon has many things to be proud of that keep her on her toes all the time. Aside from her many championship titles, sports training centers, and fitness campaigns, she's also expecting her first child! (She revealed this exciting