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Have you found the perfect powder for you yet?
If you're sick of makeup disappearing and your face looking like a hot mess after lunch, it's time to invest in a good face powder. We've tried them ALL, from translucent formulas, to full-coverage powder
Flashback no more!
There are days when you wake up and realize that you're just not in the mood to pile on a lot of makeup. So you decide on just using concealer, powder, and lipstick and you're out the door.
Get that 'fresh lang' look all day!
Real talk: It is a challenge to always look fresh in the Philippine's hot and humid weather. A 20-minute ride (or you know, an hour of just waiting in line) in the MRT can melt your makeup, and this
There's one for every budget!
Powder is the best product to use to set makeup and to soak up oil, especially in the Philippines, where the humid climate can seriously mess up your makeup. The tricky part is to find the best face powder that won'
Pick one that will suit your budget!
Whether you use powder for baking or lightly setting your foundation, these options will leave your skin looking smooth and crease-free!Althea Petal Velvet Powder, P240, Althea.phEssence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder, P269, WatsonsBYS Matte Finish Face Powder, P569,
Ready, set, go!
You already know that an oily face spells a major beauty faux pas, and thankfully, translucent powders are here to the rescue. Unlike the usual face compacts that you need to color match with your skin tone, these powders all come in
It controls shine and does SO MUCH MORE.
We weren't sure what to make of an invisible pressed powder, because makeup needs to be tinted to do its job of covering flaws, right?Wrooong.Laura Mercier's Invisible Setting Powder is the best beauty invention (fine, since