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The best spots for a solo trip, romantic rendezvous, or barkada getaway.
For your next getaway, avoid the big spending and airport anxiety that comes with a distant destination. Instead, pack a weekender bag and head just outside the Metro for a staycation that is easy to plan and easy to get to. Whether
Cebu has something for every kind of traveler.
Other than its renowned beaches, historical landmarks, colorful festivals, and unmatched lechon, Cebu has a ton of activities waiting to be discovered by all types of travelers. Whether you're looking for a calming trip to be one with nature, or an
Make sure these spots are on your must-see list!
Finally planning your first trip to the Land of Morning Calm? It could be confusing to narrow down what you must include in your travel itinerary with all the beautiful places of this sought-after destination. Don't worry-we gotchu. Below,
Are you missing sweater weather? It's time for another weekend trip to Tagaytay!
Are you a thrill-seeker, kid at heart, or just someone who really enjoys pampering herself? Whatever it is you're into, the Tagaytay is ready to welcome you back because it caters to every kind of traveler. Your dream weekend
You know how we like to say that this or that is what dreams are made of? Let me be the first to admit that none of those "dreams" even come close to this one. An immersive bubble tea experience is set
Planning a trip to Luzon’s highest peak? Read this!
A favorite hiking destination among newbies and seasoned mountaineers alike, Mount Pulag is Luzon's highest peak standing at a height of 2,926 meters above sea level. It is just one of the many cold-weather hiking destinations in the Philippines,
Here's what you need to know.
There's no denying that Masungi Georeserve is one of the Philippines' most Instagram-worthy tourist attractions-but it's so much more than that. In fact, in October 2018, Masungi Georeserve earned a "special commendation" at the UN
It's a good time to fly to South Cotabato.
While China has a sea of gold-colored canola flowers blooming every February and India has rows of red tulips on sloping terraces every April, the Philippines has a field of pink, yellow, and orange chrysanthemums that is open for public viewing
Trust us, Cebu is always a good idea.
Before Manila marked its place in history, Spanish colonizers set up shop in Cebu to stake their claim on the archipelago. In doing so, Cebu became a thriving hub for trade and commerce, but most importantly, heritage and history. Cebu only comes
The City of Pines is calling, and you must go.
City life can take a toll on anyone, even if working and going out around the metro has always been your dream. But sometimes, you just feel like you need a break from the chaos. Some prefer the sea breeze and the
BRB, booking our tickets to Singapore!
If you've ever been to Singapore, then you know that Sentosa is just one of those tourist attractions you *need* to visit at least once. One of the most iconic structures at the island resort is the giant Merlion statue-
It's located in Penang, Malaysia.
Don't you hate it when you line up for HOURS for one ride, and it's over in the blink of an eye? Whenever I get on a ride, I always feel cheated because I lose so much time
You'll look pretty in pink posing in front of these destinations!
Admit it, we've all done something at one point in our lives that's solely for the purpose of our Instagram feeds. Whether it's getting the perfect shot or trying out different filters and color palettes, it's safe to
Is 2019 the year you finally visit Batanes? (HARD YES.)
The Batanes islands aren't the easiest to get to. Planning the trip almost takes as much effort as heading to another country. But considering how unlike the rest of the Philippines its landscape, climate, and culture are, it might as well
A good mix of food and fun.
A two-hour ride north away from Manila and you'll find yourself in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. While the province boasts a number of cuisines and delicacies that have become national sensations, it has much more to offer other
It’s only a three-hour car ride away from the metro.
Mention Bataan to anyone and the first thing that will come to mind is how it's played a big role during World War II. Although Bataan is, in fact, rich in history, it's also the perfect destination for anyone who
Be amazed by its natural wonders, history, and culture.
The Philippines is undoubtedly known for its world class beaches. But whereas most locals and visitors gravitate to heavy-hitters like El Nido and Boracay in the Visayas, Luzon also has gorgeous beaches of its own. One such stunner is the white-
Anyone down for an adventure?
Cagayan de Oro isn't tagged as the "City of Golden Friendship" for nothing. Besides the fact that Kagay-anons are extremely friendly and hospitable, most of the tourist spots and activities in the city are best enjoyed with the company of
This city in Ilocos Sur is perfect for history buffs and foodies alike.
As one of the best preserved Spanish colonial towns in the world, Vigan has a unique charm that anyone would be attracted to. You might not see much of its classic architecture and matching cobblestoned streets elsewhere in the country. Plus, there
A list of must-try hangouts, OOTD spots, and food trip choices in the city.
There are several phrases that can describe Manila as a hangout spot: easily accessible, full of hidden gems, and sometimes taken for granted. Did you know that there are 16 huge cities comprising Metro Manila? While it's almost impossible to