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The actress-host travels with a Louis Vuitton monogram rolling luggage and a classic, black and white sturdy trunk.That happy feeling when your sched fills up?? February is only giving me 3 days free ?? And I thought I was on break,
Learn from this stylish mom!
Meet Maricar Totengco, an expert traveler with a knack for traveling light. She only carries one carry-on luggage, yet she somehow manages to stow all her necessities and clothes in one bag.In an interview with Preview, Maricar stresses that it'
Keep your essentials close by!
Complete your travel OOTD with a practical and stylish backpack. Whatever your preference, you're bound to find the perfect style below:Who can resist that sweet shade of pink? Not us.Macaroon in rose, P3,750, DoughnutThis sassy backpack makes a
Girl's a pro.
Anyone who's a fan of Solenn Heussaff is probably familiar with her grueling gym sessions, but even Solenn knows that the key to fitness is variety. You can't let your body get used to the same workouts, otherwise you'll
Former Bond girl and Fil-Brit actress Rachel Grant lets us see the must-haves that fill her Ed Hardy bag.
Not many women can claim to have been a Bond girl, with all the badass bombshell cred it brings. Recently, we got to meet one of those fortunate femmes, Fil-Brit actress Rachel Grant.Rachel had her breakthrough role as a Chinese
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