Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Cold weather leaves your complexion parched and flaky, or worse, red and inflamed. If you're spending your holiday break in a country during its winter season, switch to an intensely moisturizing skincare routine like this: Cleansing oils may spill in
You can't be without these when outdoors.
Whether you're roughing it up by going on an old-fashioned camping trip or splashing out for a comfy glamping vacay, you're going to need these eight beauty products the whole way through:Mosquito RepellentEven if you don&#
Yay, 4-day weekend!
Friday and Monday are holidays, so you know what that means-hello, long weekend getaway! Whether you're going to hit up ~*La Boracay*~ or jetting off to a different country for the weekend, don't forget to bring these
Don't risk liquids exploding in your kikay kit!
Traveling to foreign places is exciting, since you'll have tons of new places to discover-in this day and age, that also means taking loads of photos. And if you're a beauty junkie like us, you wouldn'
Going on vacation isn't an excuse to neglect your routine.
Whether you're escaping to the tropical paradise that is Palawan or going on a Hallyu tour of South Korea, don't get on that plane without carefully packing your skincare essentials. Here are five tips to help you out.1. Think
Because you can't take all your makeup with you...
Heading to your province this weekend? Or maybe you're going on that overdue family beach trip. Whatever your plans this Holy Week, we bet you'll be taking a kikay kit with you. But the problem with going out
Arrive at your destination looking fresh-faced AF.
FYI, your skin goes through a lot on the plane. The combination of dry cabin air and little to no sleep (unless you're lucky enough to be flying first or business class) tends to wreak havoc on your complexion-basically,
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