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It's called the 'Golden Bridge.'
BRB, booking our flight to Vietnam!Source: Bored PandaFollow Ysa on Instagram. 
BRB, making our Japan itinerary!
Praise be: It is now ~easier~ for Filipinos to apply for multiple-entry visas to Japan. On August 1, 2018, the Japanese Embassy in Manila released a statement to the media revealing that the scope of people who are eligible to apply
Overpopulation and pollution have led to their sad destruction.
Thanks to the internet, an increase in affordability, and shorter travel time, going on holiday is easier than ever. While traveling the world has many economic benefits, the rise of tourism also has some negative impacts.A number of the world'
Are you ready for your next big adventure?
Traveling around the world sounds like a great idea, but anyone who's ever had to plan a big trip knows how stressful it really is. So let me be real: I realized that the first step to enjoying your next
Only have one day? Hit up these famous places!
If you follow Anne Curtis, Erwan Heussaff, Solenn Heussaff, and Nico Bolzico on Instagram, then you know they were recently in Lisbon for a wedding. If this made you curious about Portugal, there's a place you definitely shouldn't skip-Sintra.
Attention BLINKs!
If you're a brand new BLACKPINK fan like yours truly, then you're probably dying of jealousy over lucky BLINKs who live in Korea because unlike us, they get to drop by the Square Up pop-up store! Square