Be sure to have these ready and packed before you go!
Thanks to lowered airfare prices, traveling is now more accessible than ever. This year, whether you're planning to strut the streets of Europe, bust out a new bikini in Boracay, or enjoy the sights in chilly Japan, you're going to
Cute and comfy pegs coming your way.
If you've got a plane to catch-and, most importantly, stay on for the next x hours-then you've got to strive for optimum comfort. That said, there's no reason to forget all about being chic!
Time to pre-style all your outfits!
Whether you're off to experience your first snow or are off to a BFF's destination wedding, it's best to show up warm, fuzzy, and fashionable.Here, easy-to-follow formulas borrowed from the celebs:Avoid looking tacky overseas and
She does it a WEEK before she leaves!
Maine Mendoza's Instagram game is strong when it comes to her double tap-worthy OOTD shots of her many travels. The actress recently spoke with about her process in picking the perfect outfits for her trips.In the
Learn from this stylish mom!
Meet Maricar Totengco, an expert traveler with a knack for traveling light. She only carries one carry-on luggage, yet she somehow manages to stow all her necessities and clothes in one bag.In an interview with Preview, Maricar stresses that it'
The lovebirds just checked France and Portugal off their travel bucket list.
No one does couple travel outfits quite like Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil-they always flawlessly coordinate when they go on vacation! Naturally, while in Europe for the summer, the engaged pair served up one stylish look after another. Take a look
She chronicles her stylish journeys through the hashtag #MyDressStories.
Need travel inspiration? Take a look at this 25-year-old woman's stunning Instagram feed! Nina, a lifestyle blogger from Russia, documents her trips around the world by taking photos amid breathtakingly beautiful vistas.For added drama, Nina poses in a
Heart Evangelista is absolutely living every girl's dream right now-she's currently in Paris for Autumn/Winter Haute Couture Fashion Week! She looks like she's having an absolute blast (then again, what woman won't?),
We love the elegant and feminine feel of all her OOTDs!
There's no doubt about it: Heart Evangelista has mastered the art of packing for a trip. The actress flies off to various locations all over the globe on a regular basis and looks picture-perfect while doing so.Her latest destination?
Tourist mode in the land of kimchi and K-pop!
The show must go on! Despite his Big Bang bandmate T.O.P's recent drug overdose, front man, Chanel muse, and forever cool kid G-Dragon soldiered on and gave fans something to smile about-he kicked off his Act III:
Maine Mendoza has been on a posing and posting streak lately, but we really can't blame her! She's been sharing ~*stunning*~ vacation photos from the Maldives, which feature the actress dressed in a rotation of seriously chic resort wear.You'
Trust the It Girls to make every moment an OOTD opportunity.
In case you needed even more of a push to book that trip to South Korea, let Georgina Wilson, Martine Cajucom, and Isabelle Daza seal the deal for you. The perennially photogenic cousins flew to Seoul for Martine's 30th birthday and
Fly the friendly skies in style!
If you're anything like us, then you probably like making the most out of your vacation by immediately heading out to explore your destination as soon as you arrive. And because no trip is complete without a few outfit shots, it
Squeeze in one last getaway before summer ends!
Spontaneous trips always turn out super memorable, even if you hit a few bumps along the way! Whether you're in the mood to hit the beach, go on a road trip, or discover a new city as May comes to a
OOTD-, selca-, and oppa-ready!
We're going to Jeju Island! Yes, you read that right. Thanks to the new e-visa policy that will be implemented in the second half of this year, what used to be real only in K-dramas and We Got Married
These looks are worth documenting.
Like any social media-obsessed millennial, you'll no doubt be going on vacation with a very clear goal: to take as many outfit shots as you possibly can. And if you want to begin your trip on a stylish note, jet
Because we're pretty sure you'll be taking outfit snaps on the go.
These days, it's never enough to throw random pieces of clothing into your suitcase and hope they match. Nope-if you're anything like us, you plan your outfits ahead to make sure you take perfect travel OOTDs! Your profile photo
If you want a breezy pre-boarding experience, dress accordingly.
I think we can all agree that nothing causes more stress in what should be a hassle-free vacation than getting held up at the airport. For whatever reason, whether it's a delayed flight or-yikes-a missing passport, the relaxing
James and Nadine weren't the only stylish couple on that trip.
Their social media outfits may be far and few in between, but we'll take whatever we can get-especially when they're this good. Besides, quality over quantity, right? We're talking, of course, about Kiana Valenciano and Sam Concepcion, who
Our girl just raised the style stakes.
If you're an ardent Maine Mendoza fan girl, you'd already know that the 22-year-old actress was recently in New York City for the Kalyeserye concert. What's a Kapuso production without this funny girl, right?In between doing ~
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