You won’t be fighting for the aisle or the window anymore.
If you think about what you'd rather be doing right now, travel is most likely at the top of that list. But that doesn't mean that it's always a smooth ride. We all know how uncomfortable planes can be,
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Let's be honest: if we won the lottery tomorrow, traveling the world would definitely be in the top 3 of our to-do list. Too bad real life (aka lack of money) gets in the way of our world explorer dreams.
It's a sweet escape!
The best way we get to immortalize our vacays is through photographs. But we all know the struggle of getting that perfect barkada or family portrait when there's no one take the pic. So what do you do? Either you learn
I've always had a tendency to overpack when going on vacation, but it's never once occurred to me, rather than learning how to downsize my travel necessities, what I really needed was a lesson in how to fit them in
Now you can travel light and just wash your clothes any time!
We all know how much of a hassle it can be to pack for trips, ESPECIALLY if you'll be traveling for a long period of time. In fact, most of us over pack just so we don't run out of
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