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Packing ~master~!
Watch in amazement as Bond Girl Rachel Grant packs over 200 items into one Biaggi suitcase. I'm still convinced some sort of magic is involved, but I can't figure it out quite yet. I guess I'll watch 50 more
142 countries to go! Find out how she does it.
Feliz Axalan shares her tour experiences, travel hacks, and saving tips. She is the ultimate #travelgoals!What do you do for work?I used to be really into video games, so much so that I made a career out of it. I
From bagging cheaper flights to packing like a pro.
There tends to be up to a 15-25% drop in price compared to other days of the week! Use a flight aggregation site like SkyScanner to test the theory. Sure, getting that 4 a.m. flight might not be a lot