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A chocolate museum! A ball pit! Pet cafes!
When it comes to Davao City travel, there are destinations that are mainstays on the usual travel guides, like the Philippine Eagle Center, which is home to the mighty national bird; Malagos Garden Resort and Eden Nature Park, which boast nature's
It's going to be a looong flight.
The Atat BoarderFor the most part, flights have reserved seats now. It's mind-boggling why people still attempt to board when it's not their turn yet. Plus, the crew checks each ticket, and asks you to step aside when your
And you can, too!
Some people spend their entire lives never setting foot in first class, but at only 17 years old, Zac George is flying first class for free. When he was only 14, Zac came across Ben Schlappig's travel blog, One Mile At
It doesn't spread germs like you think.
It's basically a fact that using the personal aircon on airplanes spreads germs and makes you sick, right?Er, wrong actually, according to an expert on the spread of infectious diseases linked to air travel, anyway.Dr. Mark Gendreau, medical director
Ditch the nightclubs, after parties, and same old shenanigans.
So you've got friends visiting Manila after god knows how long, and you're just dying for a memorable reunion.Ditch the nightclubs, after parties, and same old shenanigans. The Philippines has got so much more to offer, and you owe
Fight those drooping eyelids!
Are you the type of person who dozes off the moment you're comfortably in your plane seat? 'Cause I totally am. After I tuck my carry-on baggage away, I look at the menu (priorities), and then the next thing I
Every second counts.
Anybody who truly knows me is aware of my Coke Light (or Diet Coke) obsession. If I could live my life with an IV bag filled with Coke Light strapped to my body, I would. But, apparently, not everyone is as fond
Don't say we didn't warn you.
Going on holiday or on a backpacking adventure is a lot of fun; it's why so many people do it. But something that could ruin that fun big time would be, er, getting arrested in a foreign country, especially if you
Learn from this stylish mom!
Meet Maricar Totengco, an expert traveler with a knack for traveling light. She only carries one carry-on luggage, yet she somehow manages to stow all her necessities and clothes in one bag.In an interview with Preview, Maricar stresses that it'
'I would completely understand if you feel betrayed right now and decided not to read this blog anymore.'
If you avidly follow Filipino travel bloggers, then at some point, you must've come across Trisha Velarmino's blog, P.S. I'm On My Way. We've also done a profile on her, focusing on her money-making tips while
New York City is called the 'City of Dreams' for a reason.
Flying to the The Big Apple soon? Not sure where to go? It's easy to get lost in the millions of blogs and reviews of NYC out there; it is, after all, The City That Never Sleeps. With the help of
Get travel photo inspo for your next trip!
Maxene Magalona remains one of our go-to celebs when looking for some travel inspo. The actress, along with her fiancé Rob Mananquil, jaunts to Insta-worthy locations all over the world several times a year. We don't know if you'
You don't know what's been on them!
Every day is like a an education session on what we should and shouldn't do on planes. So, because all this information is mounting, we're going to do a quick recap session on the best bits.1. Never take your
'Even if my family has always been supportive with whatever I choose to do, who would want to go someplace with a travel warning?'
Korea, Japan, or Taiwan might be at the top of your solo travel list, but for 28-year-old Michelle Vibar, it was Turkey.As a senior manager earning P35,000 to P50,000 a month, finding time and building a travel
Packing ~master~!
Watch in amazement as Bond Girl Rachel Grant packs over 200 items into one Biaggi suitcase. I'm still convinced some sort of magic is involved, but I can't figure it out quite yet. I guess I'll watch 50 more
Reminder: Bring wipes.
Someone once described an airplane to me as a "flying germ capsule." I didn't really get it until I noticed that I kept getting sick every time I got off a flight. Yes, my immune system is less-than-stellar, but
Your step-by-step guide to visiting the Land Down Under!
Trust us: you want to visit Australia. Oz is brimming with sights to see! Whether you decide to come in the summer (Bondi Beach, anyone? Diving in the Great Barrier Reef, perhaps?) or in the winter (cold season spans from June to
FYI: It's only open until September 3!
Remember when someone broke a popular pumpkin sculpture while taking a selfie? It was a part of Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrored Room-All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins" installation in D.C.Well, get your cameras ready because
You'll never take your shoes off on a plane again.
Whether you're a frequent or once-every-10-years flier, some aspects of flying are universal. You're probably uncomfortable, possibly dehydrated, and the person next to you is hogging the armrest. But how much do you really know about your
And what to do about it.
As thrilling as traveling can be, especially if you're flying off to your dream destination, spending hours on a plane isn't exactly luxurious. You have to deal with leg cramps, rude passengers, jet lag, and on occasion, clogged ears. I