They look so ~free~.
This couple from Belgium-Nick and Lins-is set to see the world just as God intended: NAKED. Both in their 30s, the two discovered naturism (or nudism) in 2010/2011. ICYDK, naturism is a movement that advocates for personal and social
A chocolate museum! A ball pit! Pet cafes!
When it comes to Davao City travel, there are destinations that are mainstays on the usual travel guides, like the Philippine Eagle Center, which is home to the mighty national bird; Malagos Garden Resort and Eden Nature Park, which boast nature's
It's going to be a looong flight.
The Atat BoarderFor the most part, flights have reserved seats now. It's mind-boggling why people still attempt to board when it's not their turn yet. Plus, the crew checks each ticket, and asks you to step aside when your
And you can, too!
Some people spend their entire lives never setting foot in first class, but at only 17 years old, Zac George is flying first class for free. When he was only 14, Zac came across Ben Schlappig's travel blog, One Mile At
It doesn't spread germs like you think.
It's basically a fact that using the personal aircon on airplanes spreads germs and makes you sick, right?Er, wrong actually, according to an expert on the spread of infectious diseases linked to air travel, anyway.Dr. Mark Gendreau, medical director
Ditch the nightclubs, after parties, and same old shenanigans.
So you've got friends visiting Manila after god knows how long, and you're just dying for a memorable reunion.Ditch the nightclubs, after parties, and same old shenanigans. The Philippines has got so much more to offer, and you owe
Fight those drooping eyelids!
Are you the type of person who dozes off the moment you're comfortably in your plane seat? 'Cause I totally am. After I tuck my carry-on baggage away, I look at the menu (priorities), and then the next thing I
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