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Celebrate culture, religion, and food when you attend these fun fiestas!
Traveling the Philippines won't be a complete experience if you don't attend a festival. Fiestas are common in the country, and the celebrations have gotten grander over the years. There are loads of festivals you can be part of, and
You might just offend the locals or worse, break a law!
Every country we visit has its own set of laws and cultural practices we may not be familiar with. Although most fundamental laws are the same, there are some things you commonly do back home that can be seen as rude, offensive,
Which one are you?
The Flake You have a great time and have an awesome rapport with your friends on the way to your destination, but the minute you get there, poof! You are gone. Whether or not it's intentional, you always seem to find
Keep safe on your travels and get the most fun out of your trip!
There is nothing more liberating than to travel alone. Exploring cities and traveling the globe are some of the best experiences you can have in your lifetime. Here are basic tips for traveling alone to make sure you get the best out
It's important to be in tip-top shape when you travel!
The excitement you get from traveling can make you forget about taking care of your health. It's no fun being sick when you travel, though, so here are a few tips to help keep you healthy the next time you go