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There will probably be a crisis. But that's okay!
So you and your friends have decided to travel together. Yay! Chances are you've evaluated your bank account, scrolled through the #wanderlust tag on Instagram, and pinned a ton of packing hacks in preparation. But now it's time
Make sure you look out for this next time you book a holiday.
Booking accommodation on Airbnb is arguably one of the easiest parts of planning a holiday-providing it all goes to plan.But sometimes that isn't the case, after CBS News reported on a widespread scam that is conning holidaymakers out of
She chronicles her stylish journeys through the hashtag #MyDressStories.
Need travel inspiration? Take a look at this 25-year-old woman's stunning Instagram feed! Nina, a lifestyle blogger from Russia, documents her trips around the world by taking photos amid breathtakingly beautiful vistas.For added drama, Nina poses in a
According to a flight attendant.
Ever since Gordon Ramsay said that he would never (ever, ever, ever) eat plane food, we've been hesitant to pick up a fork on board a flight."There's no fucking way I eat on planes," he told Refinery29. "I worked
You'll want to go to there.
Pack your bags, because we're all about to take flight to the land of our favorite superhero!To find the perfect location to shoot Themyscira, the island home of the Amazons in Wonder Woman and the birthplace of Wonder Woman herself,
Heaven exists, and we have found it.
Think about how your perfect day would go. Chances are it would involve lying on a beach on an island somewhere, right? How about if I were to throw some puppies in there for funsies? Yep, that'll do nicely.Well, we
Fly the friendly skies in style!
If you're anything like us, then you probably like making the most out of your vacation by immediately heading out to explore your destination as soon as you arrive. And because no trip is complete without a few outfit shots, it
According to AirBnB and Pinterest.
If you're on the hunt for some vacation inspiration but have no idea where you want to go, AirBnB and Pinterest have teamed up to reveal the top 10 destinations for ~*wanderlust*~ right now.The locations are based on what people
You don't have to sacrifice style just because you're traveling light.
If you choose to scrimp on your trip by not adding a baggage allowance to your ticket, well done-that was a brave move. Or maybe you're going on a short trip and don't want the hassle of
Your Instagram game will be so strong!
If you're toying with the idea of traveling solo, these 18 points might be able to convince you:1. There's no time like the presentBefore the serious adult-ing kicks in (read: children, mortgages, marriage), now's your chance to
'Kindness is understood by everyone.'
Traveling is like being part of a classroom without walls. We learn so much from each place we visit, whether locally or internationally. We asked 10 twentysomething Pinays about what they've learned from their travels so far.***Cosmopolitan Philippines is
Don't be an annoying tourist!
Anybody who's ever traveled, whether locally or abroad, has probably committed one of these travel sins. We've all been there. If, however, you're traveling for the first time (or maybe you just don't want to add to the
Take this quiz to find out!
Are you an independent traveler, a sophisticated jetsetter, or a fun, outgoing travel buddy? Take this quiz to find out!
Going on a holiday boosts your sex drive. Hell yeah.
Going on holiday is good for the soul, but there are lots of other positive benefits that come after going on a vacation.Travel site Expedia surveyed a group of 31 million Brits to determine why going on holiday really is nature'
You'll realize how strong you really are.
I could tell you I decided to go away alone because I wanted an adventure, or because I was about to burn out and needed a break; but, the real reason I headed off on my first big solo journey was a
From spending a lot to feeling the blues, life's tough for Ms. Wanderlust.
1. You spend a lot of money. On top of other expenses like food and transpo, you're spending money by the thousands every time you go out of town. It sucks that you're barely saving, but you just really love
Calling all travel enthusiasts out there!
A travel competition organized by (a Philippine-based hotel booking website) and StopSleepGo (a U.K.- and Philippine-based vacation rental booking site), Juanderlust, is looking for that one person who has what it takes to go around the country
Celebrate culture, religion, and food when you attend these fun fiestas!
Traveling the Philippines won't be a complete experience if you don't attend a festival. Fiestas are common in the country, and the celebrations have gotten grander over the years. There are loads of festivals you can be part of, and
There's nothing like being on foot when you want to immerse yourself in a place.
Being on foot allows you to feel, smell, and hear a place. Walking in a city also gives you the chance to greet or mingle with the locals, since it's such a open and friendly act. There are no physical boundaries
You might just offend the locals or worse, break a law!
Every country we visit has its own set of laws and cultural practices we may not be familiar with. Although most fundamental laws are the same, there are some things you commonly do back home that can be seen as rude, offensive,