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The next time you're in the UK, you know where to stay.
Anybody who's ever tried to book and plan a huge trip knows how stressful it can be-so take the pain out of finding a place to stay by booking this AMAZING (and slightly OTT) bright pink house on Air BnB
This is the life!
Most of us have wished for it once or twice: to one day quit our job, travel the world, and live with excitement. It's not as easy as it sounds, of course. (Or is it?) For now, we can live vicariously
Mystery solved!
We've been following Maxene Magalone and Rob Mananquil's travels for a while now, and we've always wondered: Who (the hell) takes their travel photos?! And we know you do, too, since y'all read our article about it last
Don't forget to bring 'The Little Mermaid' soundtrack on your vacay!
Grab your bathing suit, snorkeling gear, and The Little Mermaid soundtrack and head over to The Manta Resort! It's on the beautiful Pemba Island (or "Green Island") in East Africa, and it is TDF. If you're looking to take a
We're mad at ourselves for not finding out about this place sooner!
Just a hop and skip away from Cintai Corito's Garden is another must-visit location in Batangas-Marian Orchard.This Catholic-themed, Roman-inspired prayer park has chapels, gardens, and fountains...Marian Orchard boasts several intricate statues and exquisite floral arrangements.
Girl's a pro.
Anyone who's a fan of Solenn Heussaff is probably familiar with her grueling gym sessions, but even Solenn knows that the key to fitness is variety. You can't let your body get used to the same workouts, otherwise you'll
Where East meets West!
Did you know that you can take an hour-long ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau? And you definitely should. Macau-aka the "Las Vegas of Asia"- isn't just about its bright lights and casinos. You can ride shuttles or
'Kindness is understood by everyone.'
Travel is like a classroom without walls. We learn so much from each place we visit, whether locally or internationally. We asked 10 twentysomething Pinays about what they've learned from their travels so far.Always learn how to say hello and
Going on a holiday boosts your sex drive. Hell yeah.
Going on holiday is good for the soul, but there are lots of other positive benefits that come after going on a vacation.Travel site Expedia surveyed a group of 31 million Brits to determine why going on holiday really is nature'
#TravelGoals? This girl sets the bar high.
Isabelle Daza is a certified jetsetter-flying off from one country to the next as documented on her lustful IG feed. To our delight, she recently came out with a two-part Travel Journal featuring the two cities she visited in Turkey,
From Luzon to Mindanao, the Philippines has got something special for you.
These spots are cultural landscapes that show people's harmony with nature. They're perfect for self-discovery since you'll feel like a speck in the grand scheme of things-a speck who's lucky enough to
Calling all travel enthusiasts out there!
A travel competition organized by (a Philippine-based hotel booking website) and StopSleepGo (a U.K.- and Philippine-based vacation rental booking site), Juanderlust, is looking for that one person who has what it takes to go around the country
Celebrate culture, religion, and food when you attend these fun fiestas!
Traveling the Philippines won't be a complete experience if you don't attend a festival. Fiestas are common in the country, and the celebrations have gotten grander over the years. There are loads of festivals you can be part of, and
Which one are you?
The Flake You have a great time and have an awesome rapport with your friends on the way to your destination, but the minute you get there, poof! You are gone. Whether or not it's intentional, you always seem to find
She knows the value of home.
1. She loves to have fun. This doesn't mean she goes clubbing or hooks up with locals or fellow travelers every night. She'll check out a bar or two, yes. But a true fun-loving person finds enjoyment in a
Despite quitting her secure 9-5 job, Aileen Adalid figured out a way to sustain her traveling lifestyle. How did she do it?
Did you ever think it was possible to embark on a journey around the world at, say, 21 years old? To just quit your job and leave your family behind? Sure, the thought can be exciting, but it all seems very risky
Ditch the group tours.
Is it time for you to pick up your bags and go on that adventure you've had circled on your calendar for months? Traveling is an incredibly exciting thing, but sometimes it can end up feeling a bit cliché or bitin.
Check out these travel sites for the best deals ever!
Feel like going out of town this weekend? How about taking a quick trip abroad? Not a problem! These days, traveling has never been easier. All you need to do is go online, take your pick from the boatload of travel sites
With these staples, you can pack light and never feel like anything is missing.
Before you fill up that overnight bag to un-zippable levels, make sure you make space for these essentials:Repacked ToiletriesInvest in miniature plastic bottles and pots to store your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sunblock, and other liquids. Also useful: travel-sized
Traveling on a budget may seem impossible, but this power couple has mastered the art of jet-setting without breaking the bank. Follow their lead!
Traveling is one of the best ways to spend your summer months, but it's hard to go about it without burning a hole in your pocket. Models Robby Mananquil (brother of supermodel Raya) and Valerie delos Santos have found that with