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Love the beach? You'll want everything.
Back in the day, tattoos were viewed as a sign of ~*rebellion.*~ Now, tattoos are a great way to show off your quirky personality, beliefs, and even your interests-like your love for the summer. Thinking of getting yourself inked? Check out
'Show your f*cking face!'
Our favorite sibling duo on YouTube is back with a hilarious attempt at the trending 2x Spicy Noodle Challenge! Bretman Rock and his sister, Princess Mae, lose their chill after just a couple of bites, and we can't stop laughing:They'
Do you know every word on this list?
Every day, we evolve and come up with new ways to express ourselves. You probably use "selfie" and "hangry" on a daily basis, but can you believe that 15 years ago, these words didn't exist? Here's a list of words
I want to be where [those] people are.
Ready to move on from the unicorn trend? Great, 'cause we're all about ~*mermaids*~ now! So when we found out about Thailand's Mermaid Island Cafe, we wanted to book plane tickets ASAP. If you're flying to Mario Maurer's
This time, don't do it for the 'gram. It's not worth it.
If you're on top of your food game, then you may have noticed a recent shift on your Instagram feed. People seem to be moving away from rainbow lattes and unicorn-anything in exchange for charcoal-themed eats. And sure, it'
It's called 'stealthing.'
A new day, a new horrible thing on the internet: "Stealthing." Coined by Alexandra Brodsky, "stealthing" describes the "purposefully nonconsensual removal of condoms during sex."In an interview with the Huffington Post, Brodsky decided to explore this dangerous sex trend because so
I have questions.
Kendall Jenner is no stranger to taking risks with her wardrobe-but her latest look just might be one of her boldest yet.While out and about in Los Angeles with her sister Kim Kardashian on Thursday, the model raised the bar
Step aside coffin nails.
Our friends over at Pinterest have just released their 100 for 2017, based on the top emerging trends on the site. On a side note, could you imagine what it must be like to get paid to browse Pinterest for an actual
It's way better than steamed, flavorless chicken breast.
At this point in your life, it's safe to assume that you're familiar with dieting; we can't think of a single woman who isn't (sadly). And it doesn't really matter how much discipline or control you have-
'Don't draw boxy lines, it's time for something new.'
If you've never attended one of Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic's master classes, 1) you're missing out 2) even if you think you know it all about makeup, he still knows more than you, so sign up
Imagine the possibilities!
Snack lovers, rejoice-because you'll never have to pick between salty and sweet ever again.A "dairy specialist" in Melbourne called Curds & Whey has officially created a chocolate cheese, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Featuring a "mild
We're not kidding: It's a legit workout.
When we were young (and didn't know any better), we hated nap time; and now, we're not even sure how we're getting by without it. This new fitness trend echoes the same nostalgic sentiment, and it's called CRAWLING.
It's PERF for tamad girls!
It feels like only yesterday when everyone was ditching their long hair for wavy lobs thanks to celebs such as Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad. Apart from looking edgy AF, we all went batshit crazy for the effortlessly chic style, or at
Have you tried this '70s-inspired trend yet?
Ever since Alessandro Michele sent his models down the runway for Gucci's Resort 2016 collection, we knew right then and there that patches were officially back. The '70s trend managed to slip through the 21st century cracks with Hollywood celebs and
It's the new cool girl staple, and YOU should own at least one pair. Maybe, four.
1. With a tough skirt.Skirt, TopshopTop, WarehouseBag, SuiteblancoSneakers, Mango It sounds like a style equation only your 12-year-old self can pull off, but the technique with the skirt-and-sneaks combo relies heavily on textures. A feminine top-like
The best part? They're sleek, sexy, and tuck-in ready!
Sure, bodysuits are intimidating (How does one pee?!). But trust us, these figure-hugging pieces should be a staple in every girl's closet. They're sleek, versatile, and you wouldn't have to worry about tuck-in bulk (especially under a
These kicks look good with just about anything!
Hi Donna! I'm curious about the sneaker wedges I've been seeing in so many magazines. They're so trendy right now and I want to try to wear them without looking too sporty. What do you suggest I wear them
Time to update your closet for the new school year!'s college correspondent dishes dressing tips and presents no-fail fash pieces for college chicks.
With another school year ahead, there's only one question fashion-conscious college chicks ask themselves before going to school: "What do I wear?" To make it easier for you, we've rounded up a collection of back-to-school pieces you
Models and real-life couple Jessica Yang and John James Uy bring chemistry on set for our romantic "Crazy in Love" fashion shoot. See the chic ensembles they wore to get the same look for you and your guy!
They say that when two people are in love, they start to resemble each other. And it goes without saying that when we ladies are swept up in blissful l'amour, we want to look every inch as radiant and beautiful as
Update your wardrobe with the freshest sundresses to beat the heat. See the four trends you should look out for!
If there's one good thing to come out of the sweltering heat we've been having lately, it's that we've been given the perfect opportunity to show some skin in our everyday attire. All you working girls out there