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We're still wondering how her character got a hold of these pieces!
We can't help but wish that we could continue following the story of Kim Sejeong's character Shin Ha Ri and her love interest, Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) in the recently concluded series Business Proposal. And while
Stop scrolling and feast your eyes on these lewks.
As you're probably very aware, TikTok is ~the~ moment. It's where we discover all of life's lil hacks, find new Starbucks drinks, and (obvi) learn all the latest fashion trends. Of course, if your FYP is
Yeonsu's designer arm candies are surely worth saving up for!
Kim Da Mi's newest TV show, Our Beloved Summer, is easily becoming the K-drama beacon for rekindled love. In the show, we follow her character, Kook Yeonsu, as she matures and learns what true love means. But admittedly, we&#
BRB, setting the night alight with these pieces!
In 2019, sportswear brand FILA announced a partnership with the K-pop sensation BTS wherein the group would be official global models for the label. This led to a variety of cool collections inspired by the BTS' style and discography throughout
Get ready to screenshot all of them.
Truth time: I love trends. Seriously. I can't get enough. Summer makeup trends? Done 'em all. Winter nail trends? I'm literally wearing red French manicure tips right now. So I'm more than delighted to be coming to you with
Pearls will be big in 2022.
Pearls have always been in style. But this year, they became particularly ~trendy~, especially with the rise of the craftcore aesthetic. These days, delicate pearls are incorporated into fun, colorful beaded necklaces and bracelets. According to Pinterest's 2022 trend report,
Me to this new merch: *I Need U.*
How's your shopping cart, ARMY? Have you added a lot of items already? We have another set of merch that you'll surely check out in a snap and it's the BT21 Street Mood Collection from Penshoppe!
Who are you dressing up as this year?
You don't need to spend lots on a memorable Halloween costume. You just need to be creative and nail the key elements of whoever you're imitating. If K-dramas have been your lifeline lately, why not dress up as one
You'll ~love it like that~.
The ~steamy~ K-drama Nevertheless did not just give us butterflies and made us choose between the main and second lead-it also served as our outfit peg! As you can see, each of the characters has a unique style that sets
Like in the series, its eyes also flash red light!
Annabelle who? We have a new doll that's giving us the creeps and it's from Netflix's Squid Game! If it made you squirm after watching the drama, prepare to be *shookt* once you pass by Ortigas-
You'll love these OOTDs!
Running Man is now the longest-running Korean variety show, yay! After releasing 564 episodes, this program has officially become everyone's go-to source of happiness. Not only that, the Running Man cast members have also been ~serving~ looks, and
We love the 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay' references from the teaser!
Article updated: July 15, 2021, 2:00 p.mIt's confirmed: Our Kim Soo Hyun is Bench's newest endorser! The local fashion brand shared a video of him on their YouTube channel with the *witty* caption: "We shot for
We want them all!
Here's something to make your hair healthy and heart happy, ARMY: Sunsilk has partnered with BT21 and is set to release limited-edition merch for us to enjoy!ICYDK, these adorable characters were created by our boys themselves in 2017,
He's a longtime fan of the luxury brand!
Heads up, Hyun Bin fans: Our captain has officially been appointed by Tom Ford Fragrance as their newest endorser!The Crash Landing On You (CLOY) star is the luxury brand's first regional brand ambassador and he will be headlining their
We have the ~tips and tricks~ for you, Yuljems!
Hello there, Yuljems! We're already on the second episode of Hospital Playlist Season 2 and can I just say I'm happy that we have one new ep every week instead of two-because we can watch the drama
Check out this micro trend!
I remember in the early 2000s when platform thong sandals were everywhere. I had a pair in all neutral colors to match my baguette bags. I love the platform flip-flops coolness, plus the height boost they give me. They also looked
It was ~24/7 heaven~!
ARMY vibe check: Is everyone still doing okay? Still breathing right? Brain still functioning? Good, good. The past few days have been quite eventful for Filipino ARMY! Let's have a quick recap, shall we? Not only did our favorite boys drop
In case miss mo na sila corn salad!
Hello there, Vincenzo fan! What have you been up to after our current favorite drama has ended? Did you start ~hoarding~ the coffee products featured in the series? Or have you visited your your local Korean mart to buy bottles of #CenCha&#
Sooooo pretty!
One of the things we miss about the pre-pandemic life is regular mani-pedi sessions at our favorite nail salons. Getting seated and taken care of by nail technicians, picking out the right colors, even the calming scent of the place
~Bet you wanna~ cop her style!
When it comes to K-fashion, we're always in awe of BLACKPINK's Rosé's impeccable sense of style! May it be a casual or elegant look, she always looks good in whatever she wears. Since we love