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It's the new cool girl staple, and YOU should own at least one pair. Maybe, four.
1. With a tough skirt.Skirt, TopshopTop, WarehouseBag, SuiteblancoSneakers, Mango It sounds like a style equation only your 12-year-old self can pull off, but the technique with the skirt-and-sneaks combo relies heavily on textures. A feminine top-like
Here's proof that men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
First off, let's get one thing straight: you really shouldn't dress for anyone but yourself. That doesn't mean, however, that your OOTD will not get negative feedback from haters, whether said onlooker is female or male. Although the modern
Update your wardrobe with the freshest sundresses to beat the heat. See the four trends you should look out for!
If there's one good thing to come out of the sweltering heat we've been having lately, it's that we've been given the perfect opportunity to show some skin in our everyday attire. All you working girls out there
Stifled by your strict office dress code? Be empowered to show your <i>fasyon</i> side in the workplace with these runway ideas that take power-dressing to the next level.
Who says work wear has to be boring? All it takes is a little creativity! With great ideas and a small portion of your paycheck, you can turn your workplace attire from drab to fab without breaking the office dress code--or
'Tis the season when fashion brands roll out holiday pieces, but for more affordable finds, check out department stores! Here's a preview of the ultra-chic buys in one of your fave haunts.
As we shift to the cooler months, we find another perfect excuse to shop for new clothes! And, the moment holiday affair invites start pouring, you'll have more reasons to update your closet!If you'll be shopping so much, be
Feel like the current trends are passing you by? Follow our tips on keeping up with youthful fads without losing your classic style.
All we wanted to do when we were young was look older, but now, looking older is something we no longer wish for. We instead seek the best butt-lifting, face-firming, and ego-boosting products to keep us looking young and