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TBH, they are both *girl crushes*.
Yassi Pressman is living the dream in Las Vegas! Yassi got to meet Hollywood actress Shay Mitchell in Las Vegas, Nevada and their *adorable* interaction was captured on-camera. On July 12, Yassi posted her photo with the Filipino-Canadian star on
Anyone else got a huge crush on the aswang?
Who knew an aswang could be so hot? The Netflix adaptation of Trese currently has everyone simping for the most unexpected creatures-whether you think that's a step up or a step down, at least we can all agree that
According to series creator Tanya Yuson!
Have you binge-watched all six episodes of Trese already? More than once, with different voice dubs? Same! As we all know, Trese is a Netflix original series inspired by Philippine mythology and about a young woman named Alexandra Trese who investigates
Did you catch them?
The new Netflix animated series Trese has taken over social media even before it officially dropped on the streaming site on June 13. Based on the comics by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo, the animated series is ripe with references to its
'Release the Trese bar!'
Are you too wondering where you can get your hands on a giant Choc Nut bar? The Choc Nut bar you see in the Netflix anime Trese is a bribe, a gift, from the show's main character to a sewer-
'Kyabi-kyabi po.'
The epic fan-made edits of Trese just keep on coming. Thank goodness. The latest gift fans and innocent social-media bystanders alike have been given is a hilarious dubbed version of the Trese trailer-entirely in beki language (a.k.a.
Curious to know? Take a listen!
Netflix animated series Trese has been a hot topic on social media ever since it dropped on June 13. Based on the Filipino komik series made by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisismo, Trese follows the protagonist Alexandra Trese on her quest to
A live-action version of 'Trese,' anyone?
Trese is out and the many opinions are in. The Netflix animated adaptation has everyone abuzz-and Liza Soberano's first foray into voice acting is a popular discussion. Amid all the feelings, fans have started dropping many other names for
We talk about aswang fanart, Alex as Batman, and Manny Jacinto's sexy voice.
Trese has been streaming for a week now and the internet still can't get enough of the series that spawned endless memes and aswang thirst posts (more like abs-wang, right?). So it's about time we do a
It's a collab by designer Dan Matutina and Team Manila!
ICYMI, everyone has pretty much been talking about Trese, the Filipino mythology Netflix series that's based on the popular graphic novel created by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo. Starring Liza Soberano as the voice of main character Alexandra Trese, the
'Tingin niyo lahat ay tungkol sa pera. Tungkol ito sa kapangyarihan.'
Trese is currently number one on Netflix Philippines, and it's also part of the Top 10 shows in 18 more countries! The show is based on the popular comics created by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo and is set in
Yup, she really included the MRT in her photos!
There's no doubt we're all super-proud of Netflix's Trese, a comic-based animated series set in Manila where supernatural creatures such as aswang, tikbalang, and nuno sa punso live amongst humans. The show's
Philippine mythology just went global!
Philippine mythology just went global.Trese dropped on June 11, and just three days later, it's already one of the top 10 watched TV shows on Netflix in 19 countries. Trese is currently dominating the charts in the Philippines, positioned
'It's got a great balance of youthfulness and grim.'
ICYMI, Trese has been number one on Netflix Philippines since the weekend! In the series, Liza Soberano is the voice of main character Alexandra Trese, and popular voice-over talent Inka Magnaye took to Twitter to express her support for Liza'
She talks about Pinoy superstitions, why apples are important in dubbing, and playing Trese's sixth child.
The Netflix animated adaptation of the iconic Trese comic book series, by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo, just dropped and we are all aboard the hype train. The series garnered much attention locally because the main role of Alexandra Trese is played
She only used *local* makeup products for this look!
Good news: Trese is finally on Netflix, and we don't want to spoil you too much, but it's seriously *so* good! Aside from the impressive graphics and ~intense~ storyline, one of the things we noticed is how much
Manny Jacinto, Jon Jon Briones, and Lou Diamond Phillips in one project? We can't wait.
The official Trese trailer is here, and we've already got goosebumps. Based on the beloved and critically acclaimed graphic novel by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo, the original Netflix anime series will premiere on June 11, just a week away.