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Let Kim inspire you to get fit in 2019!
Kim Chiu isn't just an accomplished actress but a triathlete as well. The 28-year-old has completed not one, but two Ironman races: a 70.3 triathlon in 2017 and a 21-kilometer race in 2018.This time, Kim seems
Lara Parpan is embarking on her first full Ironman in Arizona on November 15. Her motivation? Crowdfunding for the babies and toddlers of Virlanie Foundation.
Picture this: 3.8 kms of swimming (usually in a lake or open water), then 180 kms of cycling (that's like biking from Manila to Nasugbu and back), followed by 42 kms of running (which is also known as a marathon).
The champion triathlete has been competing for 17 years, and will only now take a break for nine months to have her firstborn. Be inspired by her achievements for national health and pride.
While the country regularly celebrates the international recognition of Filipino singers and sports heroes, we mustn't make the common mistake of overlooking the other devoted figures who often represent our country in their respective fields. There is especially a need to