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For everyone who's #TeamSecondLead, this one's for you!
You know how it goes: Character A likes Character B, yay! Everything seems fine for them until Character C comes in the picture and makes a move to Character B, giving the much-needed ~tension~ to the story. Sometimes, Character C isn&#
If you've been feeling nostalgic lately, you're not alone.
Close your eyes right now. Imagine you're at a place that isn't the four walls you've been spending most of your hours in for the past two months. Where are you? For those who were robbed
Chicken nuggets? Oreos? Ramen?
On most days, you're probably set after dinner-maybe you even treat yourself to a little dessert. But there are certainly other times when it's a little past midnight, and you feel like munching on a snack. As
There really isn't anything like a mother's love!
As we celebrate the most important women in our lives today, we asked Pinays via Cosmo Mixers who their fave K-drama eommas are. Yup, they aren't perfect (just like our own mamas!), but they sure are endearing, charming, and
And they're mostly K-dramas!
The physical, romantic, and emotional bonds you share with your partner aren't the only things that make a relationship extra special. It's also about those moments you spend learning about each other's different interests-may it
We need more of these on our feeds.
When you scroll through Instagram, what do you see? The answer depends on what kind of posts you regularly "like" or "comment on." Some may often see posts from family and friends, but for others, it's interest-based. For example,
Sometimes you just need to feel the ~feels~.
With everything so uncertain in the world right now, it's just about expected of us to feel more emotional than ever. Some of us have experienced sudden bouts of crying, while others choose to channel the feels in other forms.
One drama even led a Cosmo girl to propose to her boyfriend!
Whenever someone asks what a "life-changing" drama is for me, I have a hard time answering. But ultimately I fall back on the 2009 series Boys Over Flowers, just because it made my high school days super memorable and lahat ng
We know this is a tough one.
For seasoned Hallyu lovers, you'd know that most K-dramas-usually romantic comedies-follow a specific formula to make the story push forward. One such trope that we frequently see in dramas are the infamous second leads. Yes, they'
Let's be honest: We all love Maximus.
Lee Min Ho's comeback drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, aired its first two episodes over the weekend and WE ARE HOOKED. Just imagine: He's a king riding a white horse (I love you, Maximus), who's also
Goodbye, zits!
We're so thankful for the existence of spot treatments because they can banish breakouts ASAP. They're loaded with the best ingredients that can soothe and heal a zit in no time. You won't even dare think
Find out their tried-and-tested products here!
When getting a facial is almost impossible, you've got two choices: It's either you wait it out until you can set an appointment with your derma clinic or you can take the DIY route. If you picked the
And some of the restaurants they're for sure visiting when this is over.
Having spent almost three weeks at home, you probably have a routine going at home-and there's a good chance your meals have also been on rotation. Speaking for myself, I am not talented in the kitchen, so most of
'This nude, that nude, or this other nude?'
When we're in dire need of a self-care and pampering sesh, one of the best ways to spend our day is at the nail salon. The cheery atmosphere and relaxing ambiance is the perfect way to cap off a
A lot of them involve Bobbie (of course).
Our fave Pinoy family movie, Four Sisters And A Wedding, is finally getting a prequel! It's going to be called Four Sisters Before The Wedding and will show the Salazar siblings Teddie (Toni Gonzaga), Bobbie (Bea Alonzo), Alex (Angel Locsin),
Yung kahit anong kainin mo dun, 'di ka nadi-disappoint.
Picture this: You're about to leave the house with your family when someone casually asks, "Saan tayo kakain?" or "Saan tayo maglu-lunch?" Everybody pauses for a split second and then someone says, "Kayo?" or "Ikaw bahala." This is usually
'Ang tagal humaba ng buhok ko!'
Ahh, the pixie cut-it's one of those haircuts you see on your favorite celebs and influencers but you never have the courage to try it yourself. That is, until after you decide na wala naman masyado mawawala sa'
'I wanted the Song Hye Kyo glow—nafeel ko naman!'
K-entertainment fans, whether it be music or television shows, will go to great lengths just to support their idols, including buying the products that they endorse or use. Raise your hand if you've ever been guilty of purchasing something
Is it time to say goodbye?
Breakups are admittedly tough, so much so that many people stay in romantic relationships despite knowing that you and your S.O. are heading to a deadend. Before breaking it off, there are a lot of factors you have to consider: your