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Here's how you can decode it!
Is it also your habit to check the bread clip before you purchase store-bought bread? If you don't, you should start doing this as the bread clip dictates one of the most important details: the expiration date. You don&#
It all makes sense now.
If you've been a bridesmaid before, you will know the pain: the pain of multiple women trying to figure out bridesmaid dresses that'll suit every girl despite each and every one of you having a different body shape,
Two Philippine restaurants ranked the 84th and 90th spot on the list.
The World's 50 Best Restaurants has just released its ranking of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants. According to the list, this year's edition focuses on different establishments in the region to inspire foodies to consider the featured
It ranked higher than French, Greek, and Spanish cuisine.
According to research by Chef's Pencil, Filipino cuisine is the 10th most popular cuisine as showcased on Instagram. The social media platform might not be the jury handing out Michelin stars, but for people who love to eat, it'
The K-drama's filming set is not your usual set!
If you haven't watched the phenomenal K-drama Prison Playbook yet, aka one of the best series of all-time, you're seriously missing out. Aside from the fact that it's helmed by South Korean director Shin
Nostalgic, cozy, and chill.
If you've been seeing a lot of photos on your IG feed that look like they came from storybooks, you're not alone. The fondness of living the countryside life is a growing movement, and it has a name:
Did you notice these?
Hi, Bridgerton-obsessed binge-watchers! I've got some trivia for you.Netflix's dazzling new period drama, based on Julia Quinn's best-selling novels, clearly has everybody hooked. It's currently sitting at the streaming service&#
There's a reason athletes are big fans of coffee.
We all know that a cup of coffee is one of the quickest ways to get an energy boost, but did you also know it could be a great way to improve your workout? According to UKA athletics coach and ultra-distance
Yes, it happens.
Sweating is normal. Healthline notes that it "is your body's way of cooling you down." What's interesting is that sweat is made almost entirely of water, and is practically odorless-so why is it that there are times
We're not crying, you are!
Do you ever wonder if your dog is *dreaming* as it's sleeping? Although there's really no way of knowing what exactly goes through puppers' minds as they snooze, tons of scientific evidence point to the fact that
Psychology is to blame.
Reality check: We have been in quarantine for eight months or nearly 250 (!!!) days. In that time, we have mostly busied ourselves by consuming hours and hours of cleaning and home organization videos to inspire us to live a more ~minimalist~ lifestyle.
Start your day right.
Researchers have a love-hate relationship with breakfast. Recently, it's been more on the love side of things. Earlier last month, a study said intermittent fasting was too good to be true (breakfast: 1, fasting: 0). Now, research has shown
Your boobs will thank you.
I'm hyper-aware that a lot of us are neglecting the bras we once wore every day when we went to work five days a week. Those who are lucky enough to work from home are either into bralettes or
I've always been a fan of pancit palabok and pancit Malabon. I have to admit, their orange-yellow sauces have always confused me. To me, they were both delicious Filipino noodle dishes that I'll never tire of eating
Can you still eat your food after?
My dad and I have made a game out of swatting flies-and most of the time, we're successful because for some reason, the flies here in the province are slower, lol. It's especially frustrating when we'
Red lips weren't considered empowering, too.
We consider red lipstick as the ultimate shade to wear when we want to feel powerful and in control. But, the fiery hue has a dark history, and it's the complete opposite of how we view crimson and ruby lippies
The world's bestselling toy once had manufacturing plants in Bataan, Cainta, and Pasig.
Have you ever owned a Barbie doll? Ever since her creation by toy brand Mattel in 1959, it has become a common toy in kids' playrooms, not just in her home country, the United States, but in many other places around
You must have seen it if you've ever traveled through EDSA.
If you've ever spent any time traversing EDSA Southbound from Quezon City to Makati, you're no doubt familiar with that giant gaping hole in the ground at the corner of Ortigas Avenue. People who ride the MRT, especially,
'Lalaki sana yung pangapat [na anak], S-T-U-V. So 'Stuv' dapat.'
If you have an interesting name, chances are you've probably been questioned several times as to why your parents chose it. Well, for anyone who's met any of the three Reynaldo siblings, it's a definite must-
Spoiler alert: They should all be eaten with cups of steamed white rice.
Menudo, afritada, mechado, and kaldereta are all tomato sauce-based Pinoy ulam favorites, which can be confusing for a lot of people. Philip T. Hernandez of Davao Conyo even created a Ratatouille Filipino-dubbed parody to depict how baffling it can be