The cult-favorite lipstick has an interesting backstory.
MAC Cosmetics released a lot of well-loved lipsticks. Beauty girls can attest that any of these bullets were on their must-buy lists when they were just starting to grow their collection. One of the most iconic shades is Ruby Woo,
Cool, so our whole life has been a lie.
There are some things we know verbatim, like SPF protects your skin from the sun and retinol reduces wrinkles.Well, one of the oldest beauty mantras in the book: cutting your hair makes it grow faster, has, in fact turned out to
Daebak! Another reason to love kimchi.
What's Korean BBQ without kimchi? Incomplete, that's what. But apart from tasting so damn good, did you know that everyone's favorite side dish has health benefits? Kimchi is fermented with probiotic lactic acid bacteria, which adds
Its purpose is part of an old Japanese tradition.
I don't know about you, but whenever I get sushi takeout, I get way too excited. I usually rip the tape that keeps the plastic cover on, scrape off the blob of wasabi off the tray, and pick out the
Required ARMY reading.
Hello and welcome to everyone who loves, literally everyone here, right? If RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have stolen your heart, first of all, get in line. Second of all, enjoy these little-known facts about
PSA: As far as we know, he's single.
In the live-action Aladdin movie, Mena Massoud is called "riffraff" and "street rat," but we definitely don't buy that! I mean, just look at Mena as Aladdin: And this is Mena on a regular day: We're sure
Even the most seasoned traveler makes mistakes.
Do they know as much as their characters from 'Alone/Together?'
Reel and real-life couple Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil play art studies and biology majors in their latest film Alone/Together, directed by Antoinette Jadaone. In this video, we decided to test their knowledge with basic trivia and the results are
What you need to know about the opening of the first IKEA store in the PH.
Since the announcement of its pending opening in 2020, IKEA has been generating a lot of buzz. In an official press conference today, November 20, we learn more about the first IKEA store in the Philippines, along with other crucial information we
It's time to brush up on your LMH knowledge!
The South Korean actor, singer, and model dubbed as "King Of Ads" and "Long-Legged Oppa," has made us swoon non-stop after more than five successful dramas and multiple visits to the Philippines. And because we've fangirled over him
Are you a true fan of Pinoy love teams?
Love them or hate them, love teams are a huge part of Pinoy pop culture. This may be the reason why teleseryes and movies featuring your favorite love teams become certified top-raters and box-office hits!Find out if you are
Yes, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have chemistry!
That's a wrap, everyone. With the final installment of Fifty Shades in theaters now, Eloise Mumford, who plays Anastasia's best friend, Kate Kavanagh, talks about shooting Freed (which was filmed at the same time as the second movie). "
Test your knowledge!
Lipstick is a powerful tool: It can instantly make you feel good and fabulous, depending on the shade you decide to wear. But aside from your favorite colors and brands, what else do you know about the product itself? Take this quiz
No, we're not talking about those complimentary shampoo bottles.
I don't know about you, but whenever I stay at a hotel with my family-nuclear or extended-there's always that one person who's on a mission to hoard as many hotel amenities before check-out
Play host to your pageant-crazy family and friends!
As if the holiday season isn't enough reason to get together at the end of the year, Miss Universe 2018 is just a few days away. You know what this means for family, friends, and officemates-another excuse to sleep
Let it flow.
Think you know all there is to know about periods? These period facts will blow your mind (and make you feel really smart the next time you walk down the tampon aisle).Known as vicarious menstruation, this rare (but terrifying) condition makes
Plus, how the brand got its name!
The origin is really interesting
Despite the fact you've probably had a Starbucks at least once a week (a day, more like) for as long as you can remember, the chances are you don't actually know what the name means or where it comes from.
Time to unleash your creativity.
The early 2000s were peak Chuck Taylor season for many millennials-they were right up there with ballet flats and flip-flops. You were either a staunch supporter of the classic black and white shoe or the type to experiment with different
And we're very glad the owner decided to change it.
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