Your sex life isn't immediately doomed when you fake it.
1. We all fake orgasms. We might not do it often, but we've done it at least once. Sixty percent of sexually active women were found to have faked an orgasm during penetrative or oral sex, and 25 percent of men
It gets drunkenly awkward.
Here's a HILARIOUS video of two best friends, Adam and Andrew, playing "Truth or Drink." This is definitely a drinking game you and your BFF can play when you're bored out of your wits. Hopefully, your friendship is super solid
See 85 photos of Kim Chiu's <i>My Binondo Girl</i> leading man posing for his spread in this month's issue, where he reveals the truth about men.
This month we give you the inside scoop on men from one of the most desirable male celebs today. We got Xian Lim--former Cosmo Bachelor, Centerfold, Online Hunk, and current star of the hit ABS-CBN show My Binondo Girl--for
Cosmo debunks some common misconceptions women have about male performance and prowess in bed with the following facts.
Fact #1: Assuming woman-on-top position won't cause penile fracture...except in rare cases when the woman applies a hell of a lot of pressure.Fact #2: A veiny penis does not indicate that a guy has a problem. In columnist and model Bianca Valerio reveals that common misconceptions about models--and the real score.
The world of modeling has often been a topic of heated debate for being apparently glamorous or overrated. Whether or not a model writes this entry, it must be said: People who have many negative things to say about the modeling industry
Gossip seems like harmless fun until you're the one being talked about. Find out why rumors spread and what you can do to stay away from them.
Is it true that where there's smoke (rumor), there's fire (truth)? Here, Cosmo dissects the gossip grapevine.Anatomy Of A RumorContrary to what you might think, 'rumors don't necessarily spring from a catty desire to wreck someone's rep. "
From telling her she has bad breath to divulging that her man is cheating, learn from Cosmo's Honesty and Tact 101.
Our Quickie Blogger reflects on why it's easier to be straightforward and, sometimes, tactless.
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