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Simple but never boring!
Let's face it: White shirts are a closet staple-they can be paired with jeans or shorts for a casual look or thrown under a blazer and trousers for a more business casual vibe. Despite its ~versatility~, this clothing item
These looks are a hit!
As you may have known, white t-shirts are ~essential~ in everyone's closet. And if you're a fan of the comfy aesthetic, may I suggest that you get a white tee in an oversized or boxy silhouette? I
'Charot' but make it classy.
If you've watched Heart Evangelista's IG Stories or vlogs, you might have caught her saying "charot" when she's goofing around. A quick refresher for those who aren't familiar with the slang: Charot is usually
Meet your new closet staple.
It's a fact that oversized tees can make you look cute and comfy in seconds. But if you want more style versatility, we strongly suggest that you go for a black boxy t-shirt! This piece can give an edgy
It's a collab by designer Dan Matutina and Team Manila!
ICYMI, everyone has pretty much been talking about Trese, the Filipino mythology Netflix series that's based on the popular graphic novel created by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo. Starring Liza Soberano as the voice of main character Alexandra Trese, the
You'll want to collect them all!
Though Uniqlo is best known for their fuss-free minimalist apparel, the Japanese retail giant also loves to celebrate pop culture with the quirky styles featured in their Uniqlo UT line. UT is an ever-growing selection of T-shirts that pay
Abante, babae!
One way of showcasing your advocacies to the world is by wearing a statement tee. It gets the word out about your beliefs, especially if it has an eye-catching print! If you're a firm believer in feminism (as you
Remember THIS episode?!
A lot of K-dramas have come and gone but there are a few that will always have a special place in our hearts. The Netflix series Start-Up is a perfect example of this, and while we still have a *few* (
It’s time to channel your inner CEO and mentor.
The Netflix series Start-Up has been the talk of the town lately with its simple yet absorbing plot, remarkable characters, and LSS-inducing OST. We know that you love the K-drama as much as we do, and we bet you
BRB, gonna rewatch it again.
News flash: It's been almost *three* months since the finale of It's Okay To Not Be Okay aired, but if we're being honest here, we're still not yet over the show. We miss the
Because you should be your biggest fan.
Remember when Claudia Barretto wore the cutest graphic tee for her birthday? It was an oversized tee with a collage of her baby pictures. The ~aesthetic~ reminded us of the merch R&B artists would offer during an album drop (or whenever).
See her foolproof style formulas here.
Whenever we glance at Sarah Lahbati's feed, we suddenly feel the urge to rethink our outfits-even if we're just at home, at the workplace, or at the grocery. There is something about her style that inspires us
They're all affordable, too!
We love statement tees, especially if the print really calls out to us-if it represents the things we love. In that case, you have to check out what Illion Tees are offering because they know very well what Pinoys want: Comfy
Instagram is a haven of outfit ideas, and it is also here where we spot trends. For the longest time, we've spotted a particular ~better-than-basic~ tee on fashion influencers.This is The Frankie Shop Eva Shoulder Pads Muscle
In other words, here's how to style that huge pambahay tee you love so much.
Admit it. We alllll have that one trusty white pambahay T-shirt we adore to literal shreds, and now, if you're lucky enough to be working from home, you've probably donned it more times than you care to
Kylie currently has a bath and body line and sells statement shirts + pre-loved items!
Extra income is always welcome, and it's a huge plus when your side-racket is something you love. For actress and mom of two Kylie Padilla, her advocacy of spreading mental health awareness and her passion for a sustainable fashion
There's no such thing as having too many white shirts!
Every person needs at least one plain white tee in her closet. It's non-negotiable. White shirts can match with every other piece in your wardrobe, making it one of the most versatile fashion pieces you could ever own. While
It's not the only color you can wear on the Day of Hearts.
Dressing up for Valentine's Day doesn't need to call for the color red; some may find it cheesy or too obvious. But if you're aiming to still look ~*in love*~ on February 14, check out these
From classy to downright cute.
We'll probably never outgrow the fictional cartoon characters we've come to love and adore from our childhood-and that's totally okay. There are grown-up ways to channel this feeling and one is through your everyday style. Here,
Laidback looks for daaaaays.
Gone are the days when looking stylish meant exerting a lot of effort in piecing together an outfit. These days, we've managed to make effortless look cool. Case in point: the sudden rise of belt bags, cargo pants, and sneakers. But