From classy to downright cute.
We'll probably never outgrow the fictional cartoon characters we've come to love and adore from our childhood-and that's totally okay. There are grown-up ways to channel this feeling and one is through your everyday style. Here,
Laidback looks for daaaaays.
Gone are the days when looking stylish meant exerting a lot of effort in piecing together an outfit. These days, we've managed to make effortless look cool. Case in point: the sudden rise of belt bags, cargo pants, and sneakers. But
One shirt can go a LONG way.
When you have nothing to wear, turn to your favorite basic tee-with the right accessories and item combinations, no one will ever notice you've been wearing the same shirt multiple times in a month! Take a cue from these
Genius style ideas right here.
For all the days you're tempted to leave the house in ~just a tee~.A lesson from Kim Jones' OOTD: A below-the-knee skirt is an easy trick to make you look instantly dressed up. Pair it with shoes
Yup, you can even use it as an off-shoulder top!
We've said it before, and we'll say it again: You NEED a classic white button-down in your closet! VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT AND EDITED BY: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteHAIR: Angelu Dominguez MAKEUP: Raymund Defeo
The shirt first came out 30 years ago.
30 years ago, Bench released a variety of t-shirts emblazoned with their logo. Fast forward to 2017, the brand reprinted these iconic shirts now dubbed as #heritagetees. From busy Manila, to chilly Amsterdam and Paris, and more, see who we spotted
Take notes from these bloggers and celebs.
When you just don't have enough energy to put together an outfit, turn to statement tees to save the day. Here are fashion tips from your style pegs to let your shirt do the talking!1. With espadrilles and a straw
Here are weekend outfit ideas you'll want to try.
1. Off-Shoulder TopDay: Yes, this isn't actually a top, but can you blame us? There's nothing easier to wear on lazy weekends than a dress.Night: Dial up the drama by tucking your top into a high-low flared
Let's face it: Those designer tees are kinda ridiculous.
By now, you're well aware of the whole designer tee hype that's sweeping celebs and influencers all over the world, and won't have a problem understanding that those items cost a sh*tload of money.But what about us ~
No longer just something to reach for on lazy days.
T-shirts aren't the most innovative article of clothing in the world, but they're definitely having a turn in the spotlight, thanks to designer brands like Gucci and Dior. We totally don't mind though-anything this comfy deserves to
In case you were wondering...
You've likely seen these designer t-shirts making the rounds on social media-one was even *gasp* recently embroiled in a scandal-and probably wondered what the fuss was all about. We initially doubted them, too, probably because they brought back
It doesn't have to be bland just because it's a staple.
There's no better time to stock up on some soft and slouchy t-shirts! If designer collections are any indication, it's all about the humble tee-yes, even for dressier occasions. Here are five new ways to style this wardrobe
Because laughter is always in fashion.
The Soshal Network (TSN), the humor blog run by lawyers Faye Condez, Vivian Tan, and Camille Buhain, has weighed in on the controversy involving a Dolce & Gabbana logo tee.The so-called T-shirt controversy started when someone questioned the authenticity of
Very timely.
Graphic tees are on the rise-have you seen our picks to shop now?-and there's a particular one that has the fashion world buzzing. Nope, it's not Gucci's retro-style logo t-shirt. Instead, take a look at
Let your tee do the talking.
If the street style scene at the Spring/Summer 2017 shows was any indication, logo and slogan t-shirts are making a comeback. Paired with everything from high-waist Mom jeans to pleated midi skirts, these tees work for any occasion-but
With a sky-high price tag to boot.
We'd totally let it slide if you think this IG-worthy t-shirt is a blatant rip-off-especially if you've seen this. But hey, it's actually not, and it's got a sky-high price tag as proof.
Because you’re never not wearing them.
You can't get any more classic than a white t-shirt paired with denim jeans! The obvious pitfall of such a timeless combination, however, is that it can sometimes come off too bland. Thankfully, that's easily remedied with these styling
Perfect for IDGAF days.
Instagram/queenhorsfallThere are days where you just want to roll out of bed, throw on a random top, and head out the door. Of course, that's not always acceptable when you're a ~*responsible*~ adult. Your best alternative? Keep that t-
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