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'When guys wear sandos. Nakikita ko kili-kili niyo, eh. Medyo, ew.'
Like that person who thinks he's all that and is rude to the waiters.Follow Stephanie on Twitter.***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Cosmo readers reveal their dating deal breakers!
Nobody's perfect, but there are definitely non-negotiables. We all have that one pet peeve that can make or break our future with any potential partner. We asked you on Facebook about your dating deal breakers, and we've compiled our
Some actions that initially seem like turn-offs are actually signs he wants to impress you. Here's how to get the real deal.
Move #1: He brags about himself.Successful guys who are used to getting praise from their peers may fall back on their resumes during dates, too. Cut through the boasting with emotion-based questions about why he likes his big-bucks job
There are certain beauty habits that your man may not like. These real guys dish what they are. Read and learn.<br />
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