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Two words: Tan lines.
Listen, so long as everything is cool and consensual, what turns you on is totally your own business. That's because, similarly to kinks and fetishes, turn-ons are singular to every individual.For one person, it can be super random-
11 guys reveal the totally nonsexual things they're most attracted to.
Most movies will tell you that guys are only attracted to breasts and butts, but since men are people, that can't be totally true. They're probably also attracted to, like, trivia knowledge and the ability to make smoothies, right? Right?
Take it from this guy.
1. Wearing one of his T-shirts to bed ... and nothing else. Incalculably sexy. 2. Snuggling up against him when you're not wearing a bra. It's a whole different kind of snuggle. Like a snuggle without the training wheels.3.
Real guys spill one-liners that turned them to mush.
Who says the ball is always in the boys' court? Guys may be more open to using pick up lines, but it turns out girls are just as skilled with naughty word play. Yup, that's right-we know what we want
Real guys describe the hottest unforgettable sexual experiences they've had. You may learn a thing or two from their creative girls!
Can't keep your hands off your man's sizzling backside? Tell him how you feel with the clever way you touch him there.
1. A Hand In His Pocket"Slipping your hand into one of his back pockets can broadcast that you feel extremely close to him," says Sonia Borg, PhD, a sex therapist in San Diego. This soothing sign of affection is an especially
Clear your head of all distractions and get in the right frame of mind before your next sack session.
1. Let Your Thoughts WanderIt helps to transport yourself mentally to a sexy place. Fantasize that you're getting it on in a lust-inspiring locale or even with another man, like a hot trainer at your gym or, hell, Justin Timberlake.
Wondering whether the hot physical connection you have with your man will sizzle...or fizzle? Watch for these indicators.
1. You tell him your turn-ons. It can be hard to share your deepest desires, but if you slowly open up about your lusty wants--as you trust your guy more and vice versa--the quality of your connections will only
Think you know him pretty well by now? Think again! For his Online Hunk finale, the ravishing Argentinian gets <em>even more</em> intimate.