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Philippine mythology just went global!
Philippine mythology just went global.Trese dropped on June 11, and just three days later, it's already one of the top 10 watched TV shows on Netflix in 19 countries. Trese is currently dominating the charts in the Philippines, positioned
'It's got a great balance of youthfulness and grim.'
ICYMI, Trese has been number one on Netflix Philippines since the weekend! In the series, Liza Soberano is the voice of main character Alexandra Trese, and popular voice-over talent Inka Magnaye took to Twitter to express her support for Liza'
References to LGBTQ+ relationships and certain celebrities were cut.
It feels like all anybody has spoken about over the last couple of weeks is the Friends reunion (from Matthew Perry's slurred speech to Jennifer Aniston looking as on-point as ever)-but in China, up to six minutes of
*Gasps* Including a new 'Elite' mini-series!
Elite fans, the looong wait is over! Season 4 is finally dropping next month, along with several ~short stories~ featuring our favorite students from Las Encinas. And if you're still *not satisfied* and are looking for more international movies and
It's actually *healing* to watch!
When we think of typical "plastic surgery" documentaries, we are reminded of "over-the-top" transformations and sensationalized botched procedures. But if you're looking for a series that will bring fresh insights about the world of beauty enhancements, give Netflix
Lady Whistledown didn't even see this coming!
The Bridgerton universe is expanding! Are you sitting down? Good. Netflix recently announced that the Shonda Rhimes hit show is getting three (!!!) more seasons and now we're also getting a Bridgerton spinoff about Queen Charlotte. Still breathing? Alright, well that&#
She says Nanno actually has a very kind heart!
Girl From Nowhere Season 2 is officially on Netflix, and by now I'm sure you're shocked, baffled, and ~craving~ for more Nanno content. Cosmopolitan Philippines got the chance to talk to "Nanno" herself, leading lady KITTYCHICHA, during a
Ready to meet Nanno's new *love interest*?
Girl From Nowhere Season 2 is officially dropping on May 7, and the trailer promises to bring us more extreme punishments, gore, and different sides of our fave girl Nanno. Netflix tells us that in Season 2: "Nanno tackles even bigger social
Luckily for us he reconsidered!
Shadow And Bone star Ben Barnes has revealed that he initially turned down the role of General Kirigan in the Netflix fantasy series after having some concerns about his character's part in the project. Luckily for us, producers eventually convinced
Yup, the episodes are inspired by real events and news reports.
It's possibly going to be a *series*!
We all know the true star of the To All The Boys movie adaptations was really Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) all along. Sure, Margot (Janel Parrish) and Lara Jean (Lana Condor) were important, too, but we wouldn't be anywhere
When was the last time you watched a series and you didn't check your phone?
It was the finale we'd waited almost a decade for. The living room lights were off, the snacks were lined up across the coffee table. The conditions were perfect. I pressed play and eagerly looked over at my boyfriend as
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll become permanently attached to your couch trying to get through 'em all. (It's fine.)
Listen, it is 2021. And Hollywood seems to be working (albeit very slowly) to remedy the lack of diversity and representations on our screens. And that's a great thing. The more onscreen personalities we have that represent human beings across
'If it's the end of the world, who do you want to be with?'
I looove a good rom-com and when Love Vs Stars dropped its trailer earlier this month, I was super intrigued! The fact that the show has "Nangangamba" by Zack Tabuldo as its theme song made me fall in love with it
His transformations are AMAZING!
The Penthouse is seriously one of the most intense K-dramas I've ever seen: there's murder, lots of shouting, opera singing, and betrayal. When I stumbled upon these Tiktoks by @leesjae96, I knew I had to share them
Can you imagine BinJin attending the premiere??
Omo, this is such great news! Production companies Pop Music and T2N Media are working on a musical adaptation of the hit K-drama Crash Landing On You, according to a report by Soompi. Fans of the show are ecstatic, and are
The bus scene in 'Sex Education!!!'
Don't you just feel amazing when a movie or series talks about important women's issues and shows a side of females we don't usually see in fiction? Here at Cosmo, we love tales of women supporting