I'm stressed! Hodor!
There are only 45 more days until the final season of Game of Thrones airs and without a legit trailer to latch onto, please direct your attention to these new posters HBO just dropped.So far, HBO's posters have left
'Sorry kung pinaghintay kita, sorry kung umasa ka.'
Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban are not in a romantic relationship (much to the disappointment of CarGel fans), but they have been working together on the daytime TV series Playhouse, and one particularly emotional scene has gotten us feeling *feels*. In a
Murder, mystery, romance, oh my!
It feels like it's been ages since the Pretty Little Liars finale, and honestly, I miss it every day. At some points, it felt like the Rosewood rollercoaster would never freaking end-I mean, it did go on for SEVEN
As season 8 of Game of Thrones draws near, it's time to look back at the original pilot script for the show, and it's almost as bad as when Facebook reminds you of how weird you were seven
Watching alone is optional.
Thanks to a nice bump from Netflix, You has become everyone's new favorite show of 2019. Of course, Joe Goldberg is not the first fictional stalker-slash-serial-killer to make you question everything from your own social media security
Have you seen all the 'Mano Po' movies?
Guys, today is Chinese New Year! And no, it's not just about eating tikoy and watching dragon dances. It's a special time for our Chinoy families and friends to greet the new year and is marked by reunions,
But could any of these really happen in the final season?
We hate to say it, but if Jon and Cersei could just put all their difference behind them, they might actually make a good team when it comes to fighting the Night King.As The International Business Times points out, "If Jon
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