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These songs add more ~*feels*~ to K-drama scenes!
Have you ever found yourself binge-listening to OSTs right after you finished a K-drama because you can't seem to let go? Aside from our favorite actors and the compelling storyline, what makes the K-drama experience more remarkable
Including Shin Geum Hee, Ko Moon Young, and Yoon Se Ri!
Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a chaebol's daughter running her own company? How about a fearless lawyer who fights evil with evil alongside a mafia consigliere? Admit it or not, we have all daydreamed of becoming
We could have met him!
It's been over two weeks since the Twenty Five, Twenty One finale, and yet it remains the topic of interest for K-drama fans online. You've got your heartbroken viewers still trying to make sense of its bittersweet
Did you *spot* her in a scene with Jun Wan?
Lee Joo Myung caught everyone's attention with her badass role in Twenty Five, Twenty One and she's undeniably a rising actress to watch out for. The 28-year-old made her debut in 2019 and has starred in
Lee Yoo Mi is nominated in two categories!
This is it, you guys-our *most awaited* event of the year is about to happen! The Baeksang Arts Awards just announced the nominees for their 58th year but before we go to that, here's a quick guide about the
A beautiful trip down memory lane.
There is something about watching an opening scene with beautiful imagery, uplifting background music, and optimistic narration that makes you melt in your seat as feelings flow in the innermost parts of your being. This is exactly what I felt while watching
It was deemed insensitive by viewers.
Despite ending on a high note, Twenty Five, Twenty One is heavily criticized after it used the 9/11 attack in a scene.On April 1, the coming-of-age K-drama released episode 15 where it showed Baek Yi Jin (Nam
They actually *forgot* their past projects!
K-drama fans, here's your fun fact for today: Did you know that Twenty Five, TwentyOne is Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri's third project together?Yep, the show's lead stars had previously met years
They look so cute together!
BLACKPINK's Jisoo may be super busy, but her sched's never too jampacked that she can't make time for her friends.The K-pop star and actress recently hung out with Bona (Kim Ji Yeon), who'
Prepare your tissues when you watch these!
K-dramas set in the '80s and '90s will always have a special place in our hearts. It's nice to look back at the good old days when smartphones are not yet a thing and life was just
Kim Tae Ri is a fangirl just like us!
Coming-of-age K-dramas are always exciting to watch-they're relatable and funny, and they provide the kind of comfort that no other genre can offer. These shows are like a warm tight hug on a bad day, an
Have you noticed their chunky timepiece?
In case you haven't caught on yet, Twenty Five, Twenty One is the latest coming-of-age romantic K-drama that you need to watch right now! The series follows Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Na Hee Do (
Did you know that the actress *loves* cats?
It's safe to say that Twenty Five, Twenty One is slowly becoming one of our favorite coming-of-age series and a huge reason for that is Kim Tae Ri's portrayal of the incredibly determined Na Hee Do. This
She's a K-drama OST Queen in the making!
It's finally happening!TWICE's Jihyo is lending her ~soulful~ voice for the romance drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One. She will be singing the drama's OST titled "Stardust Love Song", her *first ever* solo OST since debut!
It's an important piece in the drama!
There's a new K-drama in town and it's something that will make you feel ~*nostalgic*~! Twenty Five, Twenty One is a coming-of-age series set in 1998 and is about two individuals-Baek Yi Jin (Nam
Because we know you can't get enough of this rookie actor!
Choi Hyun Wook is winning K-drama fans over with his acting chops and boyfriend-like visuals. Born on January 30, 2002, he debuted in 2019 as Moon Ye Chan in the teen web drama Real:Time:Love. The binge-worthy series-