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Let's get to know them more and more! *wink*
Birthdays happen ~once~ a year and it's such a great time for anyone to *feel special*. It's not just a simple event where we add numbers to our age but it's the time to be grateful
So excited!
It's official! TWICE's Nayeon just announced that she will be making her much-awaited debut as a solo artist next month.On May 19, she released the first photo teaser for her upcoming self-titled mini album, Im
Which of these fandoms are you a part of?
For fans who started diving into the world of K-pop between 2012 to 2017, your first bias group is arguably part of the third generation of K-pop idols. This was the time when they started producing various content on YouTube,
They went on a spring date in Jeju island!
Coming off the success of her rom-com drama Business Proposal, Kim Sejeong jetted to Jeju Island sporting a brand new hairstyle!Sejeong showed off her short dyed hair during a trip with her *BFF* TWICE's Jihyo.The idol-actress
Happy Women's Month!
While K-pop songs are easy to listen and dance along to because of the way their music is produced, more often than not, listeners tend to overlook the true meaning of a song. A lot of K-pop tracks actually talk
She's a K-drama OST Queen in the making!
It's finally happening!TWICE's Jihyo is lending her ~soulful~ voice for the romance drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One. She will be singing the drama's OST titled "Stardust Love Song", her *first ever* solo OST since debut!
New year, new hair!
TBH, the temptation to dye our hair a bold color is a year-long affair. Aside from dressing up and putting on makeup, switching to a different shade is one fun way to express ourselves. K-pop fans know the overwhelming urge
BLACKPINK's Lisa Manoban topped the annual list!
Three Pinay celebrities made it to TC Candler and The Independent Critics' annual "100 Most Beautiful Faces" list for 2021. Ivana Alawi ranked fourth, while Liza Soberano and Janine Gutierrez ranked 18th and 78th, respectively, in the list that was uploaded
More interactions, please!
Every month, more and more K-pop groups and solo artists release albums or singles that even K-pop fans go crazy trying to keep up with sometimes! But what's better than your favorite Korean artist releasing a song or album?
It’s that time of the year again!
The weather has been cooler than usual lately and Christmas is finally here Have you finished your Christmas gift list already? The holiday season is a mix of different feelings: Some people love to bask in the festivities and celebrations spent with
She's a huge fan of 2NE1!
A couple of months ago, I chanced upon this song called "DUMB DUMB" by Jeon Somi. I can't shake its addicting whistling tune out of my head! So naturally, I whole-heartedly jumped into this Somi rabbit hole. And from its
They might just help you pick a new design for yourself!
If you're familiar with K-pop culture, then you've probably noticed that tattoos are heavily censored in media. When an idol has tattoos, it's either they cover it up with long sleeves or are straight-up blurred out on
Mark your calendars for September 9!
K-pop girl group TWICE is set to headline the upcoming Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day TV Special that will air on GMA-7 on September 9.The nine-member K-pop girl group is composed of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana,
So sweet!
K-pop fans are one of the most devoted fandoms you'll ever meet-apart from collecting all the available merch released, they would also put up billboards on their faves' birthday, donate to charities under the name of their
Fame and talent run in the family!
Some Korean celebrities really do have it all! For these idols and actors, stardom is in their genes. Now, they've hit the big leagues just like their popular parents. Check out the list below, which features awesome stars from newbie idols
Find out if your faves made it to the list!
Over the years, I have seen how K-pop fans show their love for their bias groups: From burning their songs on a CD to streaming their singles on Spotify, it's amazing to see how fangirling has evolved. But if
I can't wait to see more and more of them in the *future*!
I've been listening to TWICE since 2016 and I can still remember how my Korean student introduced them to me: While we were studying about the difference between proper and common nouns, she showed me her phone all of a
Meet the multi-talented K-pop stars pushing the boundaries of their artistry.
Most K-pop idols go through a rigorous training process during their adolescence, honing their skills in singing, dancing, and performing. While fans already see them as multi-hyphenates thanks to their well-rounded knack for the performing arts, there are numerous
They denied dating rumors in 2019.
K-pop idols Heechul and Momo shocked *everyone* last week when it was reported that they have already broken up. Both of their agencies have confirmed the news, and an industry source stated that their busy schedule is the reason for their
They started dating in January last year.
Article updated: July 8, 2021, 10:45 a.mSuper Junior's Heechul and TWICE's Momo's respective agencies, Label SJ and JYP Entertainment. have confirmed their breakup: "We've checked with the artist, and it is true that