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From Good Shepherd ube jam, Sagada coffee, strawberries, and more.
When it comes to reminiscing what we miss most about our lives pre-pandemic, I think it's safe to say that for most of us, it's the opportunity to simply go out for leisure-travel, hang out with
You'll be obsessed!
The ube obsession doesn't stop, and we're all for it! Ube breads and desserts are here and there, and one of the most popular is ube cheese pan de sal. While we do agree that it is the
Halaya fans, bookmark this!
Don't you think we are lucky that ube is endemic in the Philippines? The humble purple yam is so versatile that it can be transformed into many kinds of desserts. But since we already know the existence of ube cakes
We're talking cakes, ice cream, and more!
Some might dismiss it as a mere food trend, but-judging from its continuing popularity and ubiquity in local dessert menus-ube has definitely proven that it has serious staying power. Aside from its striking purple hue, its naturally nutty flavor works
That gloriously purple tuber is easy to transform into halaya. Here are our best tips.
Ube halaya or ube jam is the purple-colored jam most Pinoys are familiar with. Many trek to Baguio just to buy the delicious version that is sold there but if you can't make the trip, there are other ways
Y’all—it looks really good!
Calling all ube fans! Aside from indulging on those Insta-popular ube cheese pan de sals, you can also now add this Ube Coconut Dalgona drink to your list of new favorite desserts. The recipe was posted by food bloggers behind the
It seems like everyone's been eating these!
Perhaps it's the contrast of vibrant purple and sunny yellow hues, or the way the saltiness of the cheese brings out the nuttiness of the purple yam. But ube and cheese are both well-loved among Filipinos, and there'
The latest take on the ube food trend!
Here at the Cosmo HQ, we're always on the lookout for the hottest food trends, and we've noticed that there's a particular one that seems to be having a ~*moment*~ right now. Left and right, we're seeing fresh
It's a combination of two Pinoy desserts!
Hello, everyone! We're back with another delicious dessert: Our latest discovery are's Ube Brazo Cupcakes. As the name suggests, it draws flavors from two well-loved Pinoy desserts: ube and brazo de mercedes. These cupcakes have a brazo
Pinoy sorbetes goes international!
Whatever the weather, we're always down for ice cream. Be it in a cone, on a stick, or sandwiched between cookies-we just can't say no!We've got a soft spot for sorbetes, too. The yummy
It's only available in Manila.
M Bakery, one of New York's famous bakeries, pays tribute to one of Philippine's well-loved local flavors with ube-flavored pastries. New on M Bakery's menu are the Ube Cake and Ube Cupcakes, which are
Hint: Ooh, bae. GET IT?
The rest of the world-ok, America-is finally realizing something we've known our entire lives: You can't go wrong with UBE! We're not gonna bore you by describing ube because chances are, you grew up on this stuff.