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Road to smooth, hair-free kilikili!
Plucking and shaving are the two popular ways to remove hair, but these methods cause chicken skin and darkening. A good technique you can try is waxing. It delivers long-lasting results, doesn't cause discoloration, and it prevents stubble hair growth.
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The obsession with pretty underarms is very much alive, so we're always ~investigating~ every tip we can try and share with you. So, we're thrilled to inform you that we've found another brightening routine that really
Learn about their holy grail hair removal methods!
Heading to the salon for your monthly leg wax and eyebrow threading can take a lot of time, effort, and money. And while some women have developed a tight bond with their waxing lady, others take their hair removal into their own
Yes, armpit masks are a thing.
Ever wonder if you should be doing more than just slapping on some deodorant on your underarms? We asked eight Pinays how they take care of their kilikili. Check out their routines below!Instagram: @_margauxlimProduct: DEONAT Mineral Deodorant SprayRoutine: I invested in
Keep your pits soft and smooth.
One of the most annoying things to have after shaving your underarms is ingrown hair. Not only do they look ugly and feel bumpy, they also tend to get infected if you try pulling the strands out and fail to clean the
So you can raise your arms with confidence!
Shaving your underams sounds pretty basic, but this hair removal method, although convenient, can produce the most common kilikili issues like, darkening, bumps, and ingrown hairs.You see, whenever you shave your hair, you also take off a thin layer of skin (
In 2013, scientist Christina Agapakis and scent expert Sissel Tolaas gathered microbes from body parts of volunteer artists, scientists, anthropologists, and cheesemakers. Bacteria from armpits, a foot, a bellybutton, and tears and were taken using sterile cotton swabs and processed into cheese. (
Hint: They are all found in your kitchen.
You'd be surprised to find out that your kitchen and fridge hold most of the ingredients you'll need for natural underarm whitening. White vinegar, baking soda, and even potatoes have brightening benefits for your skin. Read on for
Try these alternative deos!
Having body odor is the worst. There are plenty of commercially produced deodorants in the market, but chances are, you've struggled with BO, irritation, and other kilikili concerns despite using them. It's tempting to try organic products, but because there
The girl hasn't waxed/shaved since forever and that's okay!
Not grooming your armpits is apparently the beauty trend in Hollywood these days. Remember when Madonna Instagrammed this?Well, it seems like Miley Cyrus is following suit. On April 18, the singer went onstage to induct Runaways member Joan Jett to the
With these armpit whiteners, you'll be sleeveless-ready in no time!
Friction from regularly plucking, waxing, and shaving your underarm hair causes the armpit area to darken, making it diyahe for you to wear sleeveless shirts and dresses. If permanent hair removal just isn't within your budget, there's still
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