Let in the light.
Newsflash: underarm whitening doesn't have to be painful (and, you know, painfully expensive). Some of the best spot fighters can be found right in your pantry! Keep scrolling for six super ingredients that are fantastic remedies for dark underarms.You&#
She reveals the best solutions for the most embarrassing beauty problems.
For part two of our new web series, CosmoConvo, we asked one of the Philippines' most famous dermatologists, Vicki Belo, M.D., for the best solutions for the most embarrassing skin issues: sweaty armpits, dandruff, and dark underarms and singit. VIDEO
Are you doing everything to keep them clean?
When it comes to makeup removal, we're meticulous to a fault. We won't just wash our faces once-nope, we have to double cleanse (first with an oil cleanser or balm, then with a foaming facial wash) every
Simple remedies that are worth a try!
Dyahe about your dark pits? Some women turn to laser treatments to whiten trouble areas, but that can get expensive-bad news if you're on a budget. Does that mean you're resigned to hiding behind sleeved tops for life? Of
Hint: They are all found in your kitchen.
You'd be surprised to find out that your kitchen and fridge hold most of the ingredients you'll need for natural underarm whitening. White vinegar, baking soda, and even potatoes have brightening benefits for your skin. Read on for
Try these alternative deos!
Having body odor is the worst. There are plenty of commercially produced deodorants in the market, but chances are, you've struggled with BO, irritation, and other kilikili concerns despite using them. It's tempting to try organic products, but because there
With these armpit whiteners, you'll be sleeveless-ready in no time!
Friction from regularly plucking, waxing, and shaving your underarm hair causes the armpit area to darken, making it diyahe for you to wear sleeveless shirts and dresses. If permanent hair removal just isn't within your budget, there's still
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