'Who else got pregnant after watching this? Only me?'
Calvin Klein just blessed the world with another star-studded thirst campaign, and one of the stars of that campaign is your boy Shawn Mendes. It goes without saying that the pictures are very hot, and and naturally, his fans are freaking
*immediately smashes the like button*
Shawn Mendes, a man known for his magical voice, musical performances, and hair braiding skills, will now also be know for looking *excellent* in underwear.This weekend, Shawn posted some pics from his upcoming Calvin Klein campaign, and lets just say that
Say bye to pesky visible bra straps!
I still need to get out of the house on my laziest days, whether it be for work or for running errands. 100% of the time, I absolutely hate having to put on a bra when rushing, and can you blame me?
Every girl should have at least one of these in her wardrobe.
If you have a love-hate relationship with your bra, we don't blame you. More often than not, we stumble upon the cutest design and after a few hours, they end up attacking the sides of our boobs like it&#
Now that's some sustainability we can get behind!
PSA: Don't throw away your old bras just yet-Wacoal Philippines is letting its customers donate used/worn-out bras at any of its boutique stores and participating department stores. Now this is sustainable fashion we can get behind:The
Do you know your boob shape?
For whatever reason, buying a bra and figuring out your size is one of the most complicated processes ever. So I asked Ra'el Cohen, the chief creative officer of indie lingerie brand ThirdLove, everything you possibly need to know about
Because a bra can make or break your outfit.
When it comes to bras, it's never one-type-fits-all. Here are the ones you need to have in your closet:Yes, even if you're not a hardcore gym rat! You'll need a great-fitting sports bra that
Hint: definitely more than you currently are.
Have you ever wondered what the lifespan of your underwear is? We're pretty confident that it's a lot less than you think it is.In fact, when was the last time you found a hole in your socks
It'll make a huge difference with how comfortable you'll feel.
Most experts agree that what you wear under your wedding dress is just as important as the gown itself. And we wholeheartedly back their claim-there's no way you'll feel relaxed and comfortable on your big day if you're
These common undie blunders can have some scary consequences.
Underwear is the last line of defense between your lady bits and the outside world, and the wrong pair can wreak havoc on your vaginal health. Here are a few bad habits that can cause problems.1. Wearing the Same Pair Post-
Some things are better left unseen.
Every woman we know wants to avoid camel toe situations. There's nothing more mortifying than being seen or photographed with one.However, Metro reports that camel toe undies are hot right now. The panties, which come in a variety of styles
And other underwear mistakes you're making.
Underwear is the last line of defense between your ladybits and the outside world, but the wrong pair can wreak havoc on your vaginal health. Here are a few bad habits that can cause problems:When you change out of your sweaty
According to a new underwear brand, your love of comfortable cotton panties could actually be affecting your health.While we all know the side-effects of wearing control underwear or thongs, we've never put much thought into those huge, comfortable cottons
About time!
In what may be the best fashion news we've heard today, American underwear brand Naja has released a line of bras and knickers in seven shades suitable for varying skin tones. The Nude for All collection is Naja's answer to
Do it for your vagina.
When it comes to a bedtime routine, one can get pretty attached, especially when it comes to your choice of attire underneath the sheets. Some people need their pajamas, others are happy with undies and an old t-shirt and some people
Because your boobs deserve better.
Finding the perfect bra that fits like a glove and makes you look good is like finding your one true love. But like tragic telenovelas, these relationships are not meant to last forever. An everyday bra, when well cared for, has an
And, of course, it's one helluva song.
Justin Bieber has successfully dropped the third single, "I'll Show You," from his much-anticipated album, Purpose. In his latest vid, Justin goes on a nature trip in the visually-stunning Iceland AND literally shows us all there is of him,
More like camel no, amirite?
Maggie Han is an underwear genius. As a follow-up to her first line of underwear that prevents VPL, Han is back with "Camel No," a (punny!) brand of underwear made from medical-grade silicone so your crotch can't eat your
We're not even entirely sure what Spanx are, honestly.
1. If your bra and panties are matching. I can guarantee you if guys had to wear more than one piece of underwear at a time, they would never match. Instead, it would be "the first two pieces of underwear we pulled
When the tag says "hand-wash only" and you're like, "Hahahahaha, yeah, right."
1. When Boy Shorts Ride Up: A Tragedy. The whole point of boy shorts is that they should offer more coverage, but usually they just cover more of the side of your thigh than they do your actual butt. So when they
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