Do you know your boob shape?
For whatever reason, buying a bra and figuring out your size is one of the most complicated processes ever. So I asked Ra'el Cohen, the chief creative officer of indie lingerie brand ThirdLove, everything you possibly need to know about
Because a bra can make or break your outfit.
When it comes to bras, it's never one-type-fits-all. Here are the ones you need to have in your closet:Yes, even if you're not a hardcore gym rat! You'll need a great-fitting sports bra that
Hint: definitely more than you currently are.
Have you ever wondered what the lifespan of your underwear is? We're pretty confident that it's a lot less than you think it is.In fact, when was the last time you found a hole in your socks
It'll make a huge difference with how comfortable you'll feel.
Most experts agree that what you wear under your wedding dress is just as important as the gown itself. And we wholeheartedly back their claim-there's no way you'll feel relaxed and comfortable on your big day if you're
These common undie blunders can have some scary consequences.
Underwear is the last line of defense between your lady bits and the outside world, and the wrong pair can wreak havoc on your vaginal health. Here are a few bad habits that can cause problems.1. Wearing the Same Pair Post-
Some things are better left unseen.
Every woman we know wants to avoid camel toe situations. There's nothing more mortifying than being seen or photographed with one.However, Metro reports that camel toe undies are hot right now. The panties, which come in a variety of styles
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