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'Whether it's 50% or 95%, it's still something.'
Erwan Heussaff recently got his second dose of Sinovac and urged people that regardless of the vaccine brand, they should still get vaccinated.On Instagram, Erwan posted several photos of himself as he received his second dose at a vaccine site in
Don't forget to bring your vaccine card, ofc!
As more people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, those who are fully vaccinated get tons of perks when they dine-in or order for takeout from their favorite food establishments, while, of course, still practicing safety protocols.Free Lumpiang Shanghai Solo
They received their COVID-19 vaccines in Marikina.
Based on basketball player and coach Johann Dumlao's Instagram post, yesterday, Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson got vaccinated against COVID-19. His photo shows Julia and Gerald flashing their COVID-19 vaccination cards.Johann captioned the photo, "Vaccinated! @andersongeraldjr @juliabarretto."
'Don't worry about the brand—the best vaccine is the most available one.'
We've been living with the COVID-19 pandemic-and multiple lockdowns-for more than a year now, but there's hope: there are already several COVID-19 vaccines available, and healthcare frontliners and senior citizens are first in line
PGH explains that the Sinovac vaccine is not suitable for healthcare workers, who are exposed to COVID-19.
Yesterday, on February 26, 2021, frontliners belonging to the All UP Workers Union-Manila and Philippine General Hospital (PGH) protested the rollout of the Sinovac vaccine to medical and healthcare professionals. They argued that they "deserve the best COVID-19 vaccine" and
Nearly half of the respondents for a survey said they would not get vaccinated against the virus.
An initial supply of COVID-19 vaccines from China is expected to arrive in the Philippines in February, raising hopes that Manila could catch up with the rest of the world with its own immunization program. But what happens if you forfeit
Here's a guide based on government estimates.
America and Britain have started vaccinating their citizens for COVID-19, setting the tone for the global fight against the pandemic. In the Philippines, authorities hope to start the immunization drive as early as the end of March 2021.How much will
You’ll need proof of immunization starting November 1.
Traveling to Indonesia and staying for four weeks or more? You need to be vaccinated against polio before entering the country, according to The Philippine Embassy in Indonesia advised that precautionary measures against vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV) type 2 will
What vaccines should you have as a young adult?
Everyone has their fair share of vaccination stories from childhood-the anticipation about going to the doctor and getting that shot, the final pinch, the painful screaming or jubilation that came after-especially if your doctor was the type who plied you
There is no cure for poliomyelitis.
The Department of Health (DOH) declared a polio epidemic on Thursday, September 19, 2019, after confirming that a 3-year-old child from Lanao del Sur was diagnosed with the disease. The next day, a second case was confirmed from a 5-
Stay alert!
The Department of Health (DOH) announced yesterday that we have a national dengue epidemic, according to GMA News. From January to July 20, there have been 146,062 recorded cases, which is 98% higher than the same period last year. Of these
Like recycling, supporting local brands, and registering to vote.
After Frankie Pangilinan opened up on Tonight With Boy Abunda about her Boracay bikini photos, she posted another set of swimsuit pics to put the focus on "more important things we should all be discussing." The singer posted on Instagram, "Hi! Whenever
New Year's resolution for your health: protect yourself and your family by getting these shots.
Just because we are grown-ups doesn't mean our days of immunization shots are over. Getting vaccines for contagious diseases not only protects you from serious illnesses, but it safeguards your family as well. (Find an updated schedule for children's