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Your vagina deserves it.
Before anything else, let's have a quick anatomy lesson: What we call the vagina is actually the vulva (the external part of our genitals). The vagina is part of our internal genitalia; it is "a tube that connects your vulva
Hello, yeast infection!
Today, in weird things celebrities do to their genitals, we have vaginal steaming! Yeah, you read that correctly.Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Teigen have previously publicly endorsed the procedure, which involves squatting over a mixture of herbs and steaming hot
Including a fun fact about where exactly you shouldn't put your yogurt.
If you've got a vagina, you're at risk of a yeast infection. But that sounds a lot more dramatic than it really is. Yeast infections are extremely common, so common that you can buy medication for them over the counter.
Forget all the garbage tips and just use this advice.
Vaginas are not gross. This needs saying, because the myriad wipes, sprays, soaps, and perfumes that exist for tending to your vagina with the intensity of a champion dog groomer proves that this is still not commonly understood.But, just like the
Everybody's convinced it does!
A friend once told me that she doesn't like it when her boyfriend goes down on her because she thinks her vagina smells weird. So she told him that he didn't have to eat her out. Ok, ok, ok... 1)
Does it smell fishy down there?
The chances are you're clued up about the likes of thrush and cystitis, but here's a fun fact for you: At some point in their lives, most women will have encountered some kind of vaginal discomfort (be it itching or
How one woman took the 'all natural' look to the next level.
A few weeks ago, my friend called me up to tell me about a story she had heard about a woman who used her own vaginal secretions as an aphrodisiac perfume to attract men.While I was immediately disgusted (call me crazy,
'I worship the scent, and I'm thankful they let me.'
While getting eaten out is hailed as the pinnacle of female pleasure, if you're a woman who's insecure about smells, it can be hard to enjoy and relax without bathing first. While there's nothing wrong with hot showers and
Among other things.
Obviously, your vagina is a pretty important part of your body, and you want to make sure everything is status quo down there. But while you may stress about keeping things fresh and clean, the truth is, your vagina doesn't need
Plus other reasons why your vagina is itchy.
Have you ever had to fight the urge to scratch down there? Do you know what caused the sudden itchiness? Here's a list of what it could be that's driving your vagina crazy!1. Yeast infectionIf your symptoms include extreme
Your period's one of them.
We've all heard friends say that if you drink pineapple juice, it'll change the way you taste, but that can't be the one and only thing that'll do it. (Also, is that even true?!) While there hasn't
aka labiaplasty
A recent New York Times piece revealed some eyebrow-raising information: More and more teenage girls are looking to get cosmetic surgery to reshape their labia (sometimes known as vaginal rejuvenation). Julie Strickland, MD, MPH the chair of ACOG's Adolescent Health
The full dish on whether or not your ~lady lips~ are weird.
The labia are some of the most visible parts of your vulva, but they're still shrouded in mystery and pubic hair. To clear up a few things about your own anatomy, spoke with Dr. Barbara Levy, vice president of
Stop being so dyahe about how you smell down there.
Broadly reports on what your vagina should smell like, and it turns out the answer is as complex as the day is long. Every vagina is its own richly fragrant snowflake and so there isn't one correct smell. Why is