Your vagina does not need a 10-step routine.
Vaginas are not gross. They're nice! Exactly as they are. This is worth saying and repeating (and repeating, and repeating) because if you look around at the myriad wipes, sprays, soaps, and perfumes that exist for tending to your vagina
Put an end to all the lame rumors.
From the hallways in grade school to just the random junk information people (men) spew into the world, there's a lot of myths floating around out there about vaginas. Which is a huge bummer, because so many people have them
And other answers to questions you've always wanted to ask.
Yes, you could do some sort of body-bending maneuver with a ruler and measure your vagina, or you could step away from the measuring tools and allow someone who's done the research to fill you in. Generally speaking, the
Is it an STI? A rash? Just a bad ingrown hair? Now you'll know.
Do yourself a favor and grab a handheld mirror and take a good, long look at your undercarriage (especially if you never have). It's good practice to be acquainted with all your body parts, and knowing what things generally look
Including a fun fact about where exactly you shouldn't put your yogurt.
If you've got a vagina, you're at risk of a yeast infection. But that sounds a lot more dramatic than it really is. Yeast infections are extremely common, so common that you can buy medication for them over the counter.
You probably have some of the cures in your pantry already.
Studies show that at least one in five women suffers from vaginal dryness, a condition that is exactly what it sounds like. It can be caused by a myriad of things-stress, lack of foreplay, or an antihistamine you're taking,
Forget all the garbage tips and just use this advice.
Vaginas are not gross. This needs saying, because the myriad wipes, sprays, soaps, and perfumes that exist for tending to your vagina with the intensity of a champion dog groomer proves that this is still not commonly understood.But, just like the
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