No need to panic.
We've all heard horror stories about stuck tampons, which, if left in for too long, have links to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). But what actually happens when you go to a doctor to have one removed? Is there a way
Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and ingrown hair!
It doesn't matter whether you've got morena, fair, or medium skin tone, you're not exempted from encountering from discoloration, ingrown hairs, etc. on the bikini area. Keeping it clean and cared for isn't just to have
Don't knock it until you smell it.
This weekend, Goop released a candle called "This Smells Like My Vagina" and the Internet literally could not. Everyone (including my mother) seemed to agree that this was insane. Who would pay $75 (P3,781.50) for a candle that smelled like
Your vagina deserves it.
Before anything else, let's have a quick anatomy lesson: What we call the vagina is actually the vulva (the external part of our genitals). The vagina is part of our internal genitalia; it is "a tube that connects your vulva
Soreness after a workout: Yay! Soreness after sex: Nay.
Listen: As someone who enjoys the feeling of soreness post-workout, I can assure you that I do not feel the same way the morning-after a different kind of sweat sesh. And, just a guess, but I'm going to
And you can use it for the other parts of your body, too!
Let's take loving yourself to a whole new level by focusing on your vagina. TWO L(I)PS dropped a complete skincare line for your vulva-the accurate term for the outer area of the vagina.They first released a
No harsh chemicals here!
Even though it's already 2019, the vagina is still very much shrouded in *~mystery~*. Common questions and myths include, "Is discharge normal?" "Should you douche a vagina?" "Follow up question, WHAT even is vaginal douching???" "Will I still be a
Can you believe it's only the first of its kind?
Sex museums around the world are aplenty, including the Icelandic Phallological Museum which is devoted entirely to penises, but the first-ever vagina museum in the world is just opening this year. The Vagina Museum will open on November 16 at Camden
Make your vajay and singit soft, smooth, and bright!
We know vagina sheet masks exist, but we never realized you could go the extra mile and do a full-blown facial down their. As in, a vagacial. Coined from the words "vagina" and "facial," a vagacial focuses on taking out anything
Hello, yeast infection!
Today, in weird things celebrities do to their genitals, we have vaginal steaming! Yeah, you read that correctly.Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Teigen have previously publicly endorsed the procedure, which involves squatting over a mixture of herbs and steaming hot
Can your vaginal hygiene habits impact your chance of getting cancer?
Having low levels of healthy bacteria in your vagina may increase your chance of developing ovarian cancer, groundbreaking new research has established.The scientific study was carried out by University College London, and was funded in part by the tampon tax. It
Reminder: Vulvas come in all shapes and sizes.
For the longest time, I thought my oversized clitoris was wrong, abnormal, and gross. The only organ in my body whose sole purpose was sexual pleasure was the thing bringing me the most displeasure.When I was a preteen, part of me
Seriously, you might just need to poo.
Picture this: You've just had a wild romp in bed and you're dying to go again, but you have a nagging, aching feeling that you'll feel sore-either in the morning or immediately after the act.
It's not necessarily an STI.
Whether you've been having sex with the same partner for years or it's a one-night-stand, there are few things in the world that set off PANIC alarm bells as loudly as itching in your vagina after
Is it just a gimmick or something else?
With all the sheet masks that have come out over the last few years-for the face, hands, feet, and the neck-I'm not really surprised a vagina sheet mask now exists. I am glad it's locally available,
This will level up your vaginal skincare routine.
As you all know (Or if you don't, surprise!) the vagina is self-cleaning as it contains healthy bacteria. The vulva, on the other hand, which is the outer part of the vagina, is the one that's often
You mean 'vulva,' and yes, it comes in so many different shapes and sizes.
Hey girl, QQ: Have you ever looked down at your own vagina? I mean, really took a peek? If so, you've probably noticed the shape and curve of that lovely vagine of yours. And hey, I'm willing to bet your
Pay attention to your V-zone!
It's not something we talk about out in the open, but it's a topic women should discuss: A singit skincare routine. If you asked us five years ago if such a thing exists, we might think it'
Your vagina does not need a 10-step routine.
Vaginas are not gross. They're nice! Exactly as they are. This is worth saying and repeating (and repeating, and repeating) because if you look around at the myriad wipes, sprays, soaps, and perfumes that exist for tending to your vagina
Yes, it's also a part of the clitoris.
There is a scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte talks about never seeing her vagina and having no idea what ~*really*~ goes on down there. This is something a lot of Pinays can relate to, thanks to the absurd stigma
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