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Valentine's Day triggers all sorts of emotion: excitement over romantic getaways, happy for a free pass to be your most sappy self, and sometimes, even anxiety from the pressure to plan something big for your significant other. What's
This former Cosmo Online Hunk, hot chef and bar owner is single and sooo ready to mingle. Find out where you'll spot him today. Plus, view behind-the-scenes photos from his latest Cosmo shoot.
We've been reading your Tweets about how much you love Jose Sarasola's Valentine's Day tips in his Whip It Up feature, found on p. 146 of this month's issue of Cosmopolitan. The celebrity chef and entrepreneur (his bar
Point your guy in the right direction by showing him our roundup of things <i>he</i> can get <i>you</i> this Valentine season.
Valentine's season may be dedicated to couples, but we all know girls are primarily the ones who get into the spirit of romance. We shop for the perfect date outfit, look for new activities to try, and search high and low
"<i>Teka lang, 'yung</i> chicks <i>ko, puro ako 'yung nagreregalo ah!</i>" the funnyman jokes. So, if you love this guy, find out what he really wants for V-Day.
Ramon Bautista has been on our radar all month, what with his modeling debut in our January 2012 "Mod About You" fashion editorial and the behind-the-scenes videos and photo galleries online that left you in stitches. We know you can'