What exactly is venous thromboembolism?
TL;DR: if you're on the pill, make sure you clear it with a gynecologist. Especially if you are a smoker, and/or have a history of hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, or varicose veins in the family. We here at Cosmo
And that isn't a bad thing at all.
The film I'm Drunk, I Love You is an ode to everyone out there who has given love to someone who didn't reciprocate it. Starring Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino, IDILY makes us realize that the act of loving is
'Pangit ba ako?' answered.
The Long Plot, Sans SpoilersCali Ferrer (Liza Soberano) is a young blogger who's been hung up on her ex-boyfriend Gio Martinez (Enrique Gil) for cheating on her two years ago. With all her pent up anger and frustration from
What an incredible story.
What would you do when your significant other has completely forgotten everything about you; from your name to the people they love? For this 25-year old man, he had to make his girlfriend fall in love with him all over again.
Are relationship martyrs really selfless?
The local love stories we encounter on the big and small screens, and even in the pages of books, are riddled with relationship martyrs-people who will do even the most humiliating things in the name of love, those who believe that
Trust, you don't want to be THAT couple.
1. You don't invite them out to brunch unless they're also seeing someone, so you can double date. In fact, all the social gatherings you organize now magically only involve other couples, or mostly couples and one single friend. And
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