Grabe na, you guys! You're giving us a V-day high.
After all the suprises Juancho Trivino planned and prepped for Joyce Pring over the past couple of months, Joyce felt that it was finally her turn to plan something for him, especially after his recent surprise. Pretending they were going to spend
You to the mirror: 'Damn, that girl is looking fiiiire.'
Let's get this straight: Lingerie should make YOU feel comfortable and confident. Sure, your partner reaps the benefits of that lacy number you're wearing, but if his main goal is to take it off, he's not
No need to shop!
Coming up with date outfits can be really stressful-especially when it's a last-minute thing. If you don't have time to shop, turn to our 10 stylish, date-ready OOTDs using items that are probably already in your
Make February 14 extra special.
Are you still looking for a Valentine's Day gift for your SO? Make the day extra special by being galante: Surprise your love with a bottle of perfume! We've selected a few for you below:Gift your lady
According to a survey by Picodi.
Valentine's Day triggers all sorts of emotion: excitement over romantic getaways, happy for a free pass to be your most sappy self, and sometimes, even anxiety from the pressure to plan something big for your significant other. What's
It's not the only color you can wear on the Day of Hearts.
Dressing up for Valentine's Day doesn't need to call for the color red; some may find it cheesy or too obvious. But if you're aiming to still look ~*in love*~ on February 14, check out these
Tag your boyfriends!
Shopping for the perfect present for any occasion can be pretty tedious and hard, and Valentine's isn't any different. Christmas has just passed and we know that you're out of gift ideas, plus you have to make sure that
It's called Galentine's Day!
Considering it was created less than 10 years ago, Galentine's Day is probably not going to pop up as an official holiday on your calendar. But that doesn't mean it's not worth celebrating! Truly, if you&#
Ditch the usual flowers and chocolates this year!
While some people nail gift-giving and do it effortlessly, there are people like the rest of us, who struggle to find the perfect presents for loved ones. And that's what this list is for! Here are some thoughtful gift
Let's pretend we're all Anne Curtis just this once.
So here's the thing: Erwan Heussaff is seriously hot on a purely physical level. But when he speaks, his sexxx-o-meter goes through the roof-more so, when he speaks in French.In what seems to be the most subtly
'Will I die alone with a dozen cats?' you say every February 14.
1. There will be a LOT of cars on the road. All those couples going on dates will make for some instant road congestion. Hey, at least lovers can have a MOMOL sesh if they're caught in a gridlock.2. All
Actual date, optional.
Keep these fun and flirty hair pegs in your beauty archive and practice copying the looks, so you won't panic the next time your crush asks you out for a romantic date!Kim ChiuC'mon, Victoria's Secret waves are a
It's your skin + makeup checklist!
If you're planning to do something special with your bae for Valentine's, here's how you can make sure that he won't be able to keep his hands off you.On Valentine's Week1. Start sloughing!Use a nylon
Eat steak and have sex!
1. Have sex.This is something we'd love to do on Valetine's Day. It's also something we'd love to do on other days, like all of them.2. Just watch something on TV together.This is great because
Wear your heart on your nails!
If you loved our Valentine's Day nail art tutorial here, you might want to try this one, too!Here's what you'll need: pink nail polish, glitter polish, nail glue, and a heart charm (available at I Do Nails for
And other makeout concerns.
Unless you want to get your lipstick all over your man's face, we don't think you should wear lipstick on Valentine's Day.Our solution? Swipe on a red lip tint (Benefit's Benetint, P1,700, is God's gift
Who says you need someone special to feel loved?
Single girls, Valentine's Day was made for you, too!Here, a gallery of the prettiest clothes, makeup, and hair products to help you look gorgeous and totally in love-sans having a man in your arms.
Who's your fave Hollywood heroine? Snag her style in time for that hot date!
Don't know what to wear (again)? We realized that the best style pegs can be found on TV shows and movies. It's not as complicated as you think; there are hundreds of Hollywood heroines to choose from! It's all
Are you and your man tired of doing the same thing for V-Day every year? Try these non-traditional activities!
Let the countdown begin! Valentine's Day is in less than a week (six days to be exact) so it's time to get those date plans in order. Beau? Check! Gift? Check! Venue? To be determined.If you don't have
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