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Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 20, 2018!
After headlining two successful films, 100 Tula Para Kay Stella and The Day After Valentine's, Bela Padilla and JC Santos' next project together is a teleserye under Dreamscape productions. The drama's working title is Mea Culpa and
It’s not your typical Pinoy romance. In fact, it’s not much of a romance at all.
Kai (JC Santos) walks into a clothing store in search of arm socks. That's where he meets Lani (Bela Padilla), a store assistant. The shop is closed for the night but Lani allows Kai to buy what he needs. The
Which one are you watching first?
Yay, keep the good films coming! Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, now in its second year, will run from August 15 to 21. The festival lineup includes Unli Life, Bakwit Boys, Signal Rock, and Madilim ang Gabi. What makes us so excited is
Bring on the romance!
What better way to shake things up a bit than by exploring new or more challenging sex positions? Try any or all the positions on this list-flowers, chocolates, and love notes optional!Because let's face it-sometimes, you don't
Why the heck not?!
Gretchen Ho and Atom Araullo, former co-hosts of Umagang Kay Ganda, are two of the most good-looking and whip-smart journalists in our country, so why haven't they been shipped until now?We're not entirely sure,
Where can we find our own @liwanag11?
Carlo Aquino, former child star and the OG crush ng bayan of our ~youth~, made a stellar comeback in showbiz with his heartbreaking performance as Jesse in the film Meet Me In St. Gallen. But apart from making headlines because of his
Those BOOTS.
It's here! Your Valentine's Day (Insta)gram from Kylie Jenner has finally arrived. On February 14, 2018, Kylie took to her favorite social media app to share her first proper selfie of 2018 while wearing a giant black
Perfect for other date nights, too!
Double slits, low Vs, and bare backs-sometimes subtle peek-a-boos are all you need for an evening out with your SO. Here are some of our picks for understated yet ultra sexy pieces for you to wear:Ami dress in
aka 'Reasons To Date A Writer'
It's Valentine's Day, so brace yourselves-the V-Day greetings are coming!While it's perfectly fine to type out a four-word greeting for your partner on Facebook and call it a day-"Happy Valentine's Day, (insert name)!"
Save yourself.
Anyone who wants to celebrate love in its Valentine-y, idealized form should avoid Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at all costs. Unless, of course, you find watching the steady disintegration of a relationship taking place inside someone's brain
Go all out for all we care.
Color, shape, print, or all of these together, we say go for it! This V-day, go all-out and then dress it down with jeans. It's the easiest style equation, ever.Loose polka dot blazer, P1,395, StradivariusGingham Ribbon Sleeves
We got you covered.
Dressing up for a date is already nerve-wracking on its own, let alone when you have to dress up for Valentine's Day date with your SO! To make sure your date night outfit is flawless come the 14th, we're
Get it on at these affordable accommodations.
So you and your boo need some privacy after a romantic date. But you've got a horde of visiting relatives at home, and car sex just isn't working out. Don't worry, the night isn't ruined. Throughout the city,
Keep calm and stay pretty with these looks.
Whether you're spending Friday night clubbing with your boyfriend, or just staying in for a relaxing dinner, we've got the best low-maintenance hairstyles you can do all by yourself!The simplest way to bring life into straight
Here's something fun to do on V-Day!
If you're ready to make a big commitment with your SO, why not get matching tattoos? You can get any design you want and they last ~*forever*~ like your love for bae. Read on for some body ink inspo:Follow
Cute ways to spend time with your Valentine without breaking the bank!
There are lots of reasons why people choose not to splurge on Valentine's Day. You could be a student on a budget or waiting on a paycheck that hasn't come in yet. Or maybe your date just isn't into
Raise your hand if you can relate!
The multinational fast food chain Jollibee is at it again with a heartwarming and tear-jerking commercial that deserves a loud, "Amen!" Really, how many of you were avidly nodding in agreement?The new commercial, titled "Status," which was released on February
It's that time of the year again!
Fast-food giant Jollibee is in full force again as it presents three different online videos about love-and the Internet couldn't help but grab some tissue!This year's #KwentongJollibee2018 campaign brings an online sequel to one of
Fall in love with these scents. <3
Amp up the romance on your V-Day date with your significant other (Or with yourself!) by spritzing one of these warm and rich perfumes!Fresh Brown Sugar, P1,425/10ml, Sephora.phThe Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose, P1,995/50ml,
A makeup bouquet? Yas, please!
For the yearly mush that is Valentine's Day, not all women want to receive a bouquet of flowers that will eventually wilt after a few days. There are other arrangements that can make a more lasting impression than cliche red roses.