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It's actually not as random as you think.
As of press time, Anne Curtis' Instagram post of her dressed up as Dua Lipa (so cute, tbh) has gained over 1,900 comments-and one of those is none other than F4 star Vanness Wu.Vanness sent a single fire
Fans flocked the bakeries when they officially opened!
I'm convinced that 20, 30, 50 years from now, we'll still all be curious about what the members of F4 are doing, thanks to the GENIUS that is Meteor Garden. Speaking of, the Internet has been buzzing about
Vaness Wu is part of her entourage.
Anne Curtis recently took some time off to go on what she calls a "special trip" to Los Angeles, California. She's there for her bachelorette party (the official hashtag is #lostANNEgeles). Anne is set to marry Erwan Heussaff.Jasmine Curtis,