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Whether you're exclusively dating or basically married.
Today, restaurants and hotels are going to be filled with dressed up couples celebrating Valentine's Day. And maybe that's also your thing. But if you want a more lowkey but equally romantic night without leaving the comfort of
Who am I to argue with the stars?
Valentine's Day is basically upon us, and there are plenty of lovey-dovey vibes in the universe right now. Maybe you're moving on to better relationships...or, you know, just swiping right. Maybe your S.O. is finally,
You remember your last ex, and LOL.
While everyone else is feeling the pressure of doing something special for their partners on Valentine's Day-or feeling another pressure entirely because they still don't have a partner to do something special for-here you are, a strong, single
*picks mouth off the floor*
Valentine's Day triggers a lot of emotions-for those with significant others and those who are flying solo. Think about your best and worst V-Day stories. Which one stands out the most? Good or bad, we asked Cosmo readers
Say a little prayer for your relationship.
Brace yourselves, lovebirds: Breakup season-Valentine's Day-is here.We previously reported on the weeks leading up to the December holidays being prime breakup period, based on data collected by British journalist David McCandless from 10,000 Facebook statuses in 2010.
Give them some sugar.
I think we can all agree that no matter what time of year it is, you can never go wrong with sweets. Whether it's a last-minute potluck contribution, a big apology, or in this case, a Valentine's
According to a survey by Picodi.
Valentine's Day triggers all sorts of emotion: excitement over romantic getaways, happy for a free pass to be your most sappy self, and sometimes, even anxiety from the pressure to plan something big for your significant other. What's
Go for an indulgent change of scenery this Valentine’s Day.
This coming Valentine's Day, step out of your usual routine and discover the most beautiful date spots away from the city. Whether you've already booked a romantic getaway to spots like El Nido or Boracay, or looking to book a
Breaking up right before February 14 is a fresh kind of hell.
Breakups suck. Ones that happen during "breakup season" (aka before the holidays) are even worse, and breakups between New Year's and Valentine's Day reside in a special circle of hell.Even if you and your partner parted ways
Send this to your bae, ASAP!
There's nothing wrong with gifting your beau a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates this Valentine's Day. But if you want to take your date night to the next level, include Le Sucre Lab's
Show your significant other you care even when you're miles away.
Valentine's Day is the cuddliest, most romantic day of the year for couples everywhere. But it can be supes hard and lonely when your person lives half-way across the country.Just because you and bae aren't physically
Ditch the usual flowers and chocolates this year!
While some people nail gift-giving and do it effortlessly, there are people like the rest of us, who struggle to find the perfect presents for loved ones. And that's what this list is for! Here are some thoughtful gift
Bring on the romance!
What better way to shake things up a bit than by exploring new or more challenging sex positions? Try any or all the positions on this list-flowers, chocolates, and love notes optional!Because let's face it-sometimes, you don't
aka 'Reasons To Date A Writer'
It's Valentine's Day, so brace yourselves-the V-Day greetings are coming!While it's perfectly fine to type out a four-word greeting for your partner on Facebook and call it a day-"Happy Valentine's Day, (insert name)!"
Save yourself.
Anyone who wants to celebrate love in its Valentine-y, idealized form should avoid Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at all costs. Unless, of course, you find watching the steady disintegration of a relationship taking place inside someone's brain
Get it on at these affordable accommodations.
So you and your boo need some privacy after a romantic date. But you've got a horde of visiting relatives at home, and car sex just isn't working out. Don't worry, the night isn't ruined. Throughout the city,
Cute ways to spend time with your Valentine without breaking the bank!
There are lots of reasons why people choose not to splurge on Valentine's Day. You could be a student on a budget or waiting on a paycheck that hasn't come in yet. Or maybe your date just isn't into