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Milk, whomstve?
I love ice cream, but the problem is, I have to eat it when I'm at home. My tummy grumbles right away, even if I'm just half-through my cone. I am hyper-aware that I should consider
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Okay, so we've heard about vegan isaw and vegan luncheon meat. Well, here's the next best thing: vegan lechon! Yup, you read that right. At Elpi Vellychon Haus in La Loma, Quezon City, you get to eat plant-
Here's a guilt-free merienda fix!
Ever since the pandemic started, our 4 p.m. routine of getting merienda from the street food vendor near the office building is now a thing of the past. It's simply a distant memory that we love to recall. One
Perfect for the beauty-obsessed plantita.
More and more beauty brands are taking the necessary steps to become more environmentally-friendly, whether it be using less plastic or creating refillable containers. But if you want a product that won't leave any waste *at all* behind, then
Yes, you read that correctly.
According to a report by Plant Based News, a new vegan Spam exists. This guilt-free luncheon meat is called the "Omnipork Luncheon," which is now available in Hong Kong and will soon roll out this summer in other markets. David Yeung,
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Being a vegan could seem daunting and difficult, with all the things that have to be given up such as food and any ingredient from animal products and by-products. For vegans, it's important to not just have a plant-
Yovana Mendoza aka Rawvana has issued an apology.
First, drama set the beauty community on fire in 2018. Then, mukbangers started feuding over copyright striking. Now, vegans are up in arms over a famous YouTuber who, after promoting veganism and essentially making money off the movement, got caught eating fish.
This is a huge step for the beauty industry.
The word "sustainable" has become a buzz word, thanks to our renewed awareness of environmental changes. The Earth is pleading for help-our resources are not as abundant as they used to be. That said, small adjustments in our lifestyles will contribute
100 percent natural and organic, guaranteed.
I admire those who choose to live a vegan lifestyle. Being the living epitome of fresh, clean, and ethical takes a lot of hard work and passion, and not a lot of people can truly say ~*living green*~ adds a distinct sparkle
AV Gawtee combines science and passion in her business, Earth Desserts.
Licensed nutritionist AV Gawtee started Earth Desserts for those with a sweet tooth looking to indulge in healthier alternatives.How did you turn your hobby into a profitable business? I didn't really expect to be earning from baking so most of
We're adding that one account dedicated to pizza 'cause balance.
Hey, foodies!As much as we believe that "pizza is life," we need to actually be alive to enjoy the damn slice. That said, it's in our best interest to eat something green and healthy every once in a while. After
US-based Pinay Dottie Amante shares how her diet changed her lifestyle and the challenge of being vegan in Manila.
There are diets that slightly improve your health, and there are those that almost change your entire lifestyle, like vegetarianism and veganism. In the case of Los Angeles-based pinay, Dottie Amante, turning vegan has allowed her to be the strongest and
A number of vegans are deficient in some nutrients, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
There's vegetarianism-something we're all pretty familiar with-and then there's veganism. Vegans don't eat meat, poultry, fish, and any other product from animals. So that also includes eggs, dairy products, and gelatin. Does it
Meet the charming radio personality and health-conscious chef who both made it to our annual list of admirable women. Watch their shoot footage and interviews here!