A nutritionist says so.
There isn't one ~perfect~ diet; people have different body goals, and we don't just mean aesthetically. It's also important to take into account that people don't react to foods the same way. Some can drop weight without trying
Yeah, an 'unhealthy' veggie exists.
You know how when you attempt to start a diet (for the 57th time), you reach for what you think are healthier options? Well beware, because apparently, not all vegetables are created equal. There are actually veggies that make you gain weight,
Also: You'd want to eat more avocados after reading this.
If you think eggplants are the ~filthiest~ thing at the market, you're way off the mark. Strawberries top this year's list of dirtiest produce, according to the newest report from Environmental Working Group (EWG), which uses data collected by the
With a touch of salt, that is.
Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck claims Victoria Beckham orders only spinach or steamed vegetables when she dines at his upscale restaurant.The celebrity chef has revealed the fashion designer and her former soccer player husband David Beckham are regulars at his popular Cut
Lookin' at you, Cosmo Girl.
Everyone knows fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a daily diet, and yet even the healthiest among us often find it a chore to gobble up the goodness we need. Here are some veggie hacks you can try at home!
Have you heard of 'spiralizing?' It will change your life.
Instagram/inspiralized1. Eat an avocado a day.From boasting cancer fighting carotenoids (organic pigments) to brimming with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids-the avocado really is a diet staple. And new research has further proved this, with scientists from the Hass Avocado
Four hundred grams is a lot, but it's easier than you think.
We've all been advised to eat fruits and vegetables daily, but how much do we need to consume to be healthy? Apparently the number of portions varies from country to country. Most, like Germany, Netherlands, and New Zealand, recommend five portions
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