We're adding that one account dedicated to pizza 'cause balance.
Hey, foodies!As much as we believe that "pizza is life," we need to actually be alive to enjoy the damn slice. That said, it's in our best interest to eat something green and healthy every once in a while. After
A number of vegans are deficient in some nutrients, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
There's vegetarianism-something we're all pretty familiar with-and then there's veganism. Vegans don't eat meat, poultry, fish, and any other product from animals. So that also includes eggs, dairy products, and gelatin. Does it
Who knew eating healthy could be this yummy? Here, vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Metro Manila.
Whether it's a temporary fix to lose weight, or a total lifestyle change for better health and well-being, choosing veggies over meats has never been easier with these restaurants offering oh-so-yummy vegetarian dishes that could win the heart
Say goodbye to your failed attempts at cooking! Cosmo shows you the easy way to whip up yummy, healthy dishes.
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