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Happy birthday, Ruffa!
Ruffa Gutierrez just turned a year older on June 24 and among the star's many birthday greetings, her sister-in-law Sarah Lahbati took the time to pen the ~sweetest~ birthday message for her!In a series of Instagram Stories
The girls waited 15 years to reunite with their dad!
Yesterday, Ruffa Gutierrez sent off her daughters Lorin and Venice Bektas as they traveled to reunite with their dad, Yilmaz Bektas.Ruffa, who separated from Yilmaz in 2007 after tying the knot in 2003, revealed that it's the first time
The girls have not seen their father in over a decade!
Ruffa Gutierrez had an important ~life update~ as she sent off her daughters Lorin and Venice to reunite with their dad, Yilmaz Bektas in Istanbul!In an Instagram post on June 10, Ruffa shared a video montage of her daughter's
'Together again.'
Reunions have a way of tugging at your heartstrings, and all the more when they've been years in the making.Recently, Ruffa Gutierrez hinted that her daughters Lorin Gutierrez and Venice Bektas will soon be reuniting with their father, Yilmaz
'Lorin and Venice, if you lived the days of my mom sa akin, di [niyo] kakayanin talaga.'
Ruffa Gutierrez is certainly one of the strongest single moms out there. The 47-year-old actress and entrepreneur might have had the challenge of raising her two kids with Turkish ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas alone, but she managed to stay successful
Ruffa is taking up Communication Arts!
Ruffa Gutierrez is all set to complete her college education in July!The beauty queen revealed the big news as she appeared as a judge in the "Sexy Babe" segment of It's Showtime aired on March 3. When she was
Best of luck, Lorin!
Lorin Gutierrez is starting a new chapter in Los Angeles! On August 10, Ruffa Gutierrez posted on Instagram that she was off to the States with her two daughters, Lorin and Venice. In the caption, Ruffa wrote, "Los Angeles, here we come!!"
Kulot and proud!
We always see celebs with salon-worthy blowdried hair, so it's refreshing to see them posing for a cute selfie with their natural hair texture. Even Khloe Kardashian posted a recent pic of herself with her curls! That said, we
Congratulations, Lorin AND Ruffa!
ICMYI, Ruffa Gutierrez's firstborn Lorin Gutierrez just finished high school at The British School Manila, and proud mom Ruffa couldn't help but get emotional on social media!Ruffa took to Instagram to share photos from their intimate family
She's turning 18 this year!
Not sure if you've noticed it yet, but we just adore Lorin Gutierrez. She will be graduating from senior high school soon, and we're sure she's going to be achieving great things! We know you'
Sun's out, hat's out!
It is so hot in the Philippines, especially here in the city. Every time I would go out, even just to receive my parcels, I get sweaty right away. Aside from a mask, I have a cap by the door to protect
They're our fave Gutz girls!
I grew up watching Ruffa Gutierrez have her ~fairytale~ wedding in the early 2000s and thought she was the coolest local celeb ever. Even if her marriage didn't work out as planned, she did become an even bigger role model
'I know you just left but come home fast.'
Ruffa Gutierrez just shared a sweet message on Instagram for her eldest daughter, Lorin Bektas."My baby girl @loringabriella is growing up, graduating high school in June, and will fly the nest to follow her dreams real soon," Ruffa wrote. Her IG
'I'm at the point in my life where ayoko na ng detours.'
It was in November 2020 when Ruffa Gutierrez first revealed that she and her French-Israeli boyfriend of six years, Jordan Mouyal, had broken up. It's been a few months since then, and the actress recently spoke about how life
Totally friendship goals!
The showbiz industry may seem pretty cutthroat and competitive, but it's not impossible to forge genuine bonds with fellow artistas, especially because they're the ones who can understand each other's struggles the most. Below, we list
Magui and Daniel's dance was the sweetest.
Daniel Padilla's younger sister Magui Ford celebrated her 18th birthday with a grand party on February 28, 2020. The event, styled by Gideon Hermosa, was a star-studded affair with its guests such as Kathryn Bernardo, 6 Cycle Mind vocalist
And, of course, their mom Ruffa Gutierrez was also in tow!
Ruffa Gutierrez's two daughters are all grown up!Ruffa, Lorin,16, and Venice,15, are currently in Coron, Palawan enjoying their family beach getaway.Lorin posted some snaps of their quick vacation on her Instagram account.The young model and
Lorin is growing up to be a classy lady.
Lorin Bektas is growing up to be a fine lady. In her Instagram post on August 3, Lorin shared two photos as she wrote in the caption, "[16]-year-old me says hello."Lorin's mom, Ruffa Gutierrez also took to Instagram
Lorin is in LA for a summer course.
It was just this month that Ruffa Gutierrez got emotional about daughter Lorin Bektas spending the summer abroad to take a pre-college course. The proud mama said Lorin is studying in "one of the top-ranked economics institutes in the world."
She speaks up about the domestic abuse she allegedly suffered from Yilmaz.
At the launch of Voices Against Violence, Ruffa Gutierrez spoke up about the domestic abuse she allegedly suffered from ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas, who is based in Turkey. "Would you believe until now I'm still afraid of my ex-husband? Even