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Thinking about getting your first toyfriend?
With more time in our hands (and quite frankly, the need to release some stress), people are becoming more open about figuring out what they like in bed-even when they're just flying solo. In fact, there was a noticeable
Is your body ready?
Smart phones are great and all, but-and I will fight you on this-the truly great tech revolution is the suction or "oral sex" vibrator. It gives you the kind of subtle, extremely-focused stimulation that you never knew you needed,
Charlotte York was on to something.
Rabbit vibrators are already kind of the whole package-deep, rumbly inner stimulation and lighter, more directed outer stimulation. But, if there's someone there with you, here are some great ways to have an almost-threesome with you, them, and
For everyone who’s been ~casually~ browsing.
The world of sex toys is big and beautiful, but it can also be confusing. For instance, how do you pick the right vibrator? And what's the difference between a vibrator and a dildo? Who are butt plugs *really* for? Below
The year is 2017 and we masturbate with the mini-computers we carry around in our pockets.
I love my iPhone so much. If I could bring five items to a desert island, all five of them would be iPhones. And I would die happy with Candy Crush going on all five phones as I drifted off into a
You deserve good vibes only.
Every once in a while, Mercury leaves retrograde, the planets align, and you start dating a guy you're really excited about. As is common in the first few months of a relationship, the sex is frequent, and probably pretty good, because
'Lipstick for your labia,' anyone?
In Manila, sex shops are mostly found in the shadiest places; people don't necessarily want to be seen anywhere near sex toys. But it doesn't have to be this way. Sex toys are normal, and more than that,
He might be pleasantly surprised.
Much like how sex toys can do wonders for women, men can benefit from these babies as well. Some men are more than willing to experiment with sex toys, while others are understandably hesitant. You know your man better than anyone. Is
Vibrator virgin? You NEED to read this.
COSMO QUICKIE: This story at a glance!***Remember that one episode from Sex and the City when the girls were talking about sex and orgasms (duh), and Miranda was raving about her vibrator? A less-than-enthusiastic, fairy tale-obsessed Charlotte then
Will regular sex eventually lose its appeal if I use a vibrator frequently?
At 17, I bought my first vibrator-a plastic neon pink model I plucked from the shelves of my sketchy hometown porn shop as my friend and I struggled to contain our laughter-and I've barely masturbated without one since. As
And it's trendy, too!
It's embarrassing for some people to admit that they own or want a vibrator. Fair enough. It's not exactly the most discreet gadget. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes (sometimes really bizarre ones!), and the buzzing sound is, well,
Behold, the world's first lucid-dream sex simulator.
With the Dream Rooster, you can now have sex dreams on demand! The product is described as the world's first lucid-dream sex simulator, designed to give you the hottest beauty sleep you've ever had. It's basically a vibrator
There's always a first time for everything.
We at Cosmo are keen on making sure that your first time with a vibrator will be SPECTACULAR. View the gallery for a list of beginner vibes you'd want to keep for life.All sex toys are from The Pleasure Place
The dirty deets on the not-so-secret pleasure tool that all women should try at least once: the vibrator.