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From old money scions to the It Girls of the ‘90s.
There's a reason why everybody's enamored with the lives of the rich and famous. But beyond their multi-million-peso homes and luxurious vacations, they're just normal human beings like us-only immaculately put-together all the time, thanks
'My life has been so enriched because of you.'
Vicki Belo penned an emotional and heartwarming birthday post for her husband Hayden Kho who celebrated his birthday on May 20.In an Instagram post, the celebrity dermatologist shared a photo of Hayden with their daughter Scarlet Snow Belo. She wrote, "Happy
'It’s the best compliment I’ve ever received.'
They say with age comes wisdom and confidence. Aging is a fact of life, and if there's anything we can do with it, it's to fill it with positivity. Case in point: Celebrity dermatologist Vicki Belo shared on Instagram a
'I realized she’s scared of me dying because I’m old.'
Dr. Vicki Belo recently revealed that she doesn't tell her daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo, her real age-and mind you, she has an important and quite touching reason behind it.In a recent interview with, the 65-year-
It's derma-approved!
Scoring ~glowing~ skin has always been my ultimate beauty goal. Lately, though, my skin has been looking a bit dull (Plus, I do have some post-acne marks on my cheeks.) So when I heard about the new Whitening Facial Set of
Solenn also got to see Rihanna *in the flesh*!
ICYMI, Solenn Heussaff served up some major ~lewks~ at Milan Fashion Week where she also debuted her gorgeous new ashy blonde silver hair! The actress, who attended Milan Fashion Week with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo and her husband, Hayden Kho, got to
She looks amazing!
Following in the footsteps of Heart Evangelista debuting her mauve-brown hair color at Paris Fashion Week, we now have Solenn Heussaff showing off her brand new silvery tresses-this time, at Milan Fashion Week, no less! "Ash for fashion," the It
He fulfilled the 'last item' on Vicki's bucket list!
Hayden Kho pulled out all the stops to make this year's Valentine's Day *extra* special for his wife Vicki Belo. On February 19, Vicki uploaded a vlog about her "most memorable" V-day celebration, which was held in
'I definitely recommend it.'
Over the years, more celebs have become more open about the cosmetic procedures they've done on their bodies. One of them is Alodia Gosiengfiao, who recently appeared on a video with Dr. Vicki Belo about getting liposuction. "Basically, I have
The celebrity doctor also shared why Scarlet carries the Belo surname instead of Hayden’s.
At 65, celebrity dermatologist Vicki Belo is one proud mom to Scarlet Snow, her six-year old daughter with husband Hayden Kho. With her cherub-like features, vibrant smile, and bubbly character, Scarlet has easily become one of the most popular celebrity
Angeline has been Vicki's client for the last 11 years.
Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo recently interviewed Angeline Quinto as they talked about the makeovers that the singer had throughout the years.In Vicki's newest vlog uploaded on August 5, the celebrity doctor said, "Angeline and I have been
'I'm going to do anything for my son.'
Janella Salvador has not forgotten about the netizens who left horrible comments about Baby Jude, her son with Markus Paterson. In April 2021, Markus and Janella exposed certain users on social media who made fun of Jude's appearance and even
Including a TikTok-famous doctor!
It's 2021 and more people, especially celebrities, are getting candid about getting surgery and other beauty enhancements. But have you ever wondered about the doctors who perform these procedures? They, too, are sharing content online-through vlogs! YouTube channel: Dr.
She says a lot of people have been posting before and after pics on TikTok!
Many celebrities are becoming more open about having cosmetic procedures done. And for those who are considering getting surgery, here's what Dr. Vicki Belo has to say: "If you can do something about it, you feel comfortable, then do it
Dr. Vicki Belo even said, 'Para tayong nasa Mykonos!'
Today is a great day because Piolo Pascual's hilltop mansion tour is finally here! In Dr. Vicki Belo's recent vlog, she and husband Hayden Kho visited the actor for a catch-up in his Batangas rest house. It&#
'Gucci girl ako for the last 20 years.'
Stop what you're doing because Dr. Vicki Belo's closet tour is here! Jumping right in, the first thing we learn about Dr. Belo's closet is that her clothes are sectioned, thanks to stylist Bang Pineda. The
Curious about what they were like as UP students?
Once upon a time, these celebrities were once considered Iskolar Ng Bayan. If you're currently attending the University Of The Philippines or previously studied there, you can say that these stars were just like you, pulling all-nighters and trying
Somewhere in these halls, they etched their names on old chairs and wrote their initials on the walls.
Planning to enroll your *future* kids somewhere? Why not the high schools of the Philippines' most famous, where today's celebrities graced the halls and sat through classes like the rest of us peasants? Before these stars played high-schoolers,
Yup, Angel took a fashion design course in London!
Their busy schedules didn't stop these inspiring Pinays from fulfilling their *educational* dreams! Here's a list of celebs who took short courses and graduated from different institutions abroad. The "real-life Darna" took a short course in Fashion