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These three guidelines are just the first steps to keeping your online presence secure.
We live a big chunk of our lives online. A person probably has at least two email accounts, an account on more than one social media platform, and sometimes, more than one cellphone number. We're constantly updating the world on what
'Not burdened by hatred and jealousy, I’ve improved my relationships with people, from friends, to family, and to acquaintances.'
I was and still am oppressed by society. Society tells me I have to conform to its standards of beauty, or else I'll be body-shamed, no guy will like me, or life won't be any easier because I won'
Naturally, Malaysians were outraged by his statement.
Malaysian lawmaker Shabudin Yahya-the member of parliament (MP) representing Tasek Gelugor-recently sparked controversy with his misogynistic arguments during the debate on the Child Sexual Offences Bill at the Dewan Rakyat (Malaysia's House of Representatives).Shabudin, who is part of
Love is love is LOVE. And NO unforgivable curse can get in the way of that.
After last weekend's horrific mass shooting at the Pulse gay night club in Orlando, Florida, the whole world showed their support for the victims-including the Wizarding World.On Monday night, a day after the shooting, muggles and wizards at The
Whatever caused the heart failure of Lance Garcia and Bianca Fontejon also affected almost all of their internal organs.
Five Closeup Forever Summer concertgoers passed away over the weekend after they were rushed to the hospital, prompting authorities to closely investigate the incident. The National Bureau of Investigation's medico legal officer said that whatever caused the heart failure of two